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Chinese New Year Haul
Have you shop much for Chinese New Year yet??
This year i shop quite a lot because i have been travelling all around for last two months that i just blogged it for part 1 post.. I am not sure whether you guys got stalk my post anot. if don't, you can read it right before reading this post.

Anyway, its just nice for me to collect new clothes for Chinese New Year but I still don't satisfy with it.. lol

Chinese New Year is around the corner and I am not ready for it.. I just don't know why. i don't have any Chinese New Year feeling at all.. GOSH!! NEVER MINDDD...  So far I had preparing things for Chinese New Year like, cleaning up my room, tidy up my study room. (Messy rooms with those books that do not put it in the cupboard =.= ),  clean my new house (i guess no one knowing about it), wash my car and preparing CNY foods.

For myself, I cut my hair short and straighten my hair again.. Opps.. I did not dye my hair this time because I don't feel like dying.. Too dry for my hair lah and everyone was shocked when i do not dye my hair. LOL because i kept saying what colour i am will be dye for CNY.. Like red, ash brown and blah blah blah colours but end up no colour for myself. LOL! Sometimes i am envy with those fair skins because they can suit with any colour if they dye.

ENVY~!! ENVY~!! ENVY!!!!!!!!!!!

Btw, i bought a lot of new clothes for myself.. but i still not done with it. I want more shopping and get new clothes because i want more nice clothes. Hmmm...

But how's my old clothes.. Grr~~ I gonna throw some of my clothes and gonna fit all my pretty new clothes in my cupboard so yeah.. all old clothes gonna put it into trash soonnn!!!

My friend said : Have you done you CNY shopping?
My friend said : I guess you should stop buying clothes and start hunting for shoes and bags cause i don't see you buy any of them :(
I replied : I had too much because my friends present it for X'mas pressie..
My friend so cute replied, OHHHHHHH!!


Anyway, it is true.. do you remember? i did post it here. Read it to refresh your mind.. Most of my friends got me bags and shoes for my X'mas pressie.. i do not know why but i can save my money buying them :) 

and here's one of my part for my Chinese New Year clothes
 My colourful shorts

 Flowers and stud shorts

 Colourful tee and singlets

Half dress for  and half short for bottom.
I got blue and red but i had wore the red want so not include for CNY clothes

Look like a scarf? Actually it's a sweater 
I do not know how to take a shot of this so ill make it looks like a scarf then. wink*

 Long seleves

 I got this from La Maison De Mode
It's one set. Top + Bottom

Jeans, Blouse and dress

But i guess, i don't have any CNY clothes.. I mean it does not suitable wearing this to "Pai Nian" gathering with relatives, cousins and Chee and Chiang's families members. It's just like my daily life clothes where i always dress up myself whenever i go to shopping, meet my friends and everything so i guess i gonna shop for another time to get myself a red dress or something that got CNY feeling?

I shall shop for some red clothes and dresses tomorrow..

Lastly, here is how my hair look like.. Doesn't look different just a bit short nia..

Looking forward for more ANG PAOO's!!

Gong Xi Fai and Happy Chinese New Year to you, your friends and your family members! Wish you and your friends + family members have lots of joy, prosperous, happiness and good health. And all the best in this year of snake. HUAT AHHH :)

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