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Three Days Two Nights in KL – Part one
OKAY~! First post of Febraury !! (after 2days later.. ) i gonna complete all my post before i update my CNY!!
SOOOoo.. I am back from Kayelle.. A place that i traveled the most..

Gonna be a long post again.. Again! i am back from KL like a month ago? and now i feel like updating.. lol! i feel bored with my blog now.. It’s filled with lots of random posts only =.=” No more interested posts?? (i guess i don't have those interested post??) So I decided to edit all the pictures and blog about my Kayelle trip right in the CNY corner!! and you know wat? CHINESE NEW YEAR IS AROUND THE CORNER!! And I still i am not prepared about it yet..

Whateverr lah~~!!

Back to the topic..

Remember few months ago I went to KL? It was for a small trip since i having a short break, so it’s considered as a short trip…?? ahemmmm~~ whatever it called..

So, instead of me going to KL alone (I will never do it) I asked my sister, my parents, to come with me! I invited my younger sister too but she said NO! Because she had class on Saturday and we were leaving on Friday so not for her and let her stay alone at home lor.. She is quite independent girl lah.. dun worry :)

I will never get bored with this city, cause i will always do research on new and nice place to visit and for shopping i wll always gather reference and have what i wish to own so i will know what to get this round.. this time we found a nice place to hang out in Petaling Jaya!! Still KL right? normally i just go KL where nearby at Bukit Bintang for shopping those affordable price even night market? but this time is different!! SHOP FOR THOSE BRANDS THAT PENANG DO NOT OWN ANY OF THEM!!

So we were quite lucky, we managed to book the cheapest air fare to KL. There are a few things I like about the plane and they even gave us pillows and blankets because it's cold inside. I guess, i felt so freaking cold among all of them lor.. I easily feel cold.. hMMM.. Weirdoo~! and even own a small tiny tv for a random channel there..

and here it comes the picture of ..

We arrived in KL in the afternoon, and we were super brave because we just hopped into a random taxi and asked him to bring us back to our hotel without any hesitation. We checked in into Shah's Village Hotel and it’s super clean, cheap and nice!!

We go KL not to spend money for Hotel but yet clothes, bags and things we want to purchase!!


Beds for us to rest 
(Actually they get the wrong room for us =.= We actually want King's size bed but not single bed and this room is much smaller than the room we want. The room we want.. had a door can go through from 280 to 281 but nvmm.. =.= )

 A sofa for us to take a rest with a random tv channel lah..

This is what I see through the windows.

The toilet is quite nice….Quite satisfy lah.. I was so afraid that the hotel's toilet is very old and dirty because I had been in KL long time ago that gave me a very bad impression about how a hotel room can be so dirty @@

A place to hang my clothes.. 
(i know it is quite messy lah =.= lazy to tidy up nicely)

A place for me to make up? Maybe?

A place for me to sit down and wear my shoes loh..

After took our shower and all, and then we went straight to the mall called The Garden. That’s me, kay..

Okay.. skipped it =.= I know i am ugly lah @@

After a few hours walking around the mall, I hunt for food so we went to lower ground floor of The Garden and my sister suggested a good Korean place called “Ko Hyang”

Ko hyang is the cleanest, best service and delicious korean noodles restaurant that I have ever been to. Really satisfied!

 Korean Spicy Seafood Noodles

 Korean Spicy Chicken Instead Noodles

Btw, there's a sauce provides along with the noodles but i din even touch any of them cause i feel weird. haha

 Let's eatttt.. 

Me and my mummy

 I look so steam and weird here @@

 My sister and her boyfie

After lunchie, it's time for shoppingg~!! and also picture of the day lah :D
 My mum take picture alone.. tak ada saya weh D:

 So pretty design of CNY's festival there.. Can't wait for CNY!!

So tired after shopping at the Garden and Mid Valley from 4-9pm @@ Back to the hotel with random pictures and off to my room to enjoy my hot shower + lay on my bed..


Btw, OOTD:  
Jeans from Voir, Top from Uniqlo, Bottom from Kitshen and Shoes from Nose

Top from Kitshen, Bottom from Brands Outlet, Bag from Fred Perry and Shoes from Birken Stock

All the shops there sells things that can't be find in PENANG!!

Seriously, I’m not sure why a lot of people love to go KL in previously and i know why right now!! There's a lot of things to go and place to shop that hardly find in Penang, Ipoh and so on.. But it's so crowded in KL but it is safe in PJ ^^ it's even easy to find when urgently need it.

so ya, We went back to the hotel, watched a random TV channel then fell asleep at around 11pm, i guess...

That’s how we spent our first day in KAYELLE.. YAPPIEEE

To be continued…

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