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Hohoho!! Merry Christmas Eve in 2012
Ho! Ho! Ho! and Merry Christmas! Well, the reindeer and I are very tired! Joking* (I always take myself a santa) It was a very long night. But it was a very fun night! I hope you had fun too!! So how's your Christmas? Share with me along!! My Christmas was actually nothing much special lah, it's like another day for me to go out but the outing is different lor.. My friends and I went to Clubbing @ Mois,Upper Penang Road. So nothing special even countdown for Xmas also not special at all! I don't know why.. I felt kinda regret that I didn't plan on how to spend my Christmas with my bestie instead of going to clubbing and do nothing there except dance and drink.. "WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING?" this sentence always pops up in my mind when I were in da club and doing nothing and I was just worried on myself, what if i'm drunk? Who will be bring me back? Don't tell me left me in da club huh? It is my mistake for drinking so much that day. It shouldn't be!! MY BIGGEST MISTAKE IS THAT I DRINK SO MUCH ON THAT DAY!! and I hope I can do something special for next year.. Still along way for Christmas :( but never mind... New year is coming soon!!! 2013 IS COMING SOON!! I can't wait for it :)

Well, well, well, my Christmas eve plan came quite last minute, cause I do not confirm where I should go cause lots of my friends were invited me to their party in their house, hang over to KL for celebrating, count down in Gurney Plaza, and even my family members did some small Xmas party but i'm not there :(  Kind of bad daughter huh? Ended up going to Clubbing with full of regrets... I just don't know why..

By the way, what mostly people do for Christmas? think!think!think!* It's exchange gift with each other.. My friends and I like to exchange gift with each an other so I asked each of them to listed down 6 goodies and each of us picked one of the item to get it. It's kind of special and I think there's no surprise when people list down their goodies and they know what they will going to get right? No, you are wrong.. Some people are very tricky.. They buy something that does not in da list :( and some did buy what they listed and did some surprise for each an other.. Kind of special friends I had :)

Last but not least, it's time to show off what I get from my friends. All of them are my loved 

 The first Christmas gift that I had received from my colleague's friends by Tracy Tan

 Skipped my picture cause I'm sicked that day yet still sitting for exam.. Still remember? People who followed me on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook will know about it :)

Inspired Celine bag by Min

Darkie black sling bag by Lim See Ang

 I don't know how to used this bag when the first time I opened. o.O Anyway thanks for da Christmas's gift by Andy. There's a pouch inside too. Can take it as sling bag or cosmetic bag or wallet?
 Kidda bling right?

 Next, a very first gift from my sister Kelly who gave me a sling bag from Topshop that I want it for so long!!!!!!!!! Pretty thanks!! and also it is my first time received so expensive gift from her cause she's damn kapsiap want. Hahaha*

 A Mango bag and someone forgotten to cut off the price tag!! LOL!!

 Birkenstock!! o.O It was so surprised when I received it. Do you know why?
I went to shopping with my sister and my friends showed up in front of me and saying "Nah"! I thought they are scolding me with bad words or something then I said, "Please respect me when i'm in public." And then, they told me, NO!! Christmas gifts from us!! And I said, "Mana?" They said, it's in front of you lur. And I were shocked and said, "Don't tell me it's Birkenstock huh?" and they said "YAY!!
I am totally so high that time and said, "You all pakat is it? Come Gurney to passed me da gift?" and they said "YES!! WHO ASKED YOU TO CHECKED IN? NEXT TIME DON'T CHECK IN WHERE EVER YOU GO CAUSE PEOPLES NOWADAYS ARE TOO FREE TO STALK PEOPLE AND WE JUST GET IT FROM THERE." wtf right?

Another red Mango bag. LOL! 

Do you realise that all my Christmas gifts are bags? LOL!! I totally fed up!! I never knew you all really know that I love bags, shoes, and everything that I loved! Well, this is da half of the Christmas gift I get it from my friends.. I'm too lazy to captured each of the gifts because I don't really know how to take a nice shot and i'm too lazy to taked it. As long as, I know what you all gave it to me and I loved them all.. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE CHRISTMAS GIFT THIS YEAR. I think i don't have to buy much things for coming Chinese New Year except clothes. No one give me clothes :(

Last but not least, My Clubbing OOTN :
Ignored my outfit lah 

After celebrating Xmas, it time to go back home and sleep like a panda cause it's kidda late and time turned into 410am!! I am going to be a ghost soon if i am not going to sleep as soon as possible..
That's it for my Xmas post.. What about yours?

Merry Christmas again :)

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