Sunday, June 30, 2013@12:37 AM
Stripey Dress in the town

Hello Sunday. I'm officially say goodbye to my sick. Weeeee~~

W E A R I N G : Top : Nineteen89 Boutique

Today was wonderful. To keep it short, in point form it went somewhat like this : -drove out from home and drive like a fast and furious. It is so cool like i have my energy back! then out with my two sisters, Kelly and Sharon to shopping mall and had a dinner since is SUNDAY~ (parents went to dinner so we were alone at home. so enjoy neh) Happily shop and bought a few dressie for myself and yet shorts which i lack for it. It's hard for me to buy shorts due to my size for my waist. Can you image my waist is 25 and wearing a S size like size 27 or something? I couldn't fit in for some S size but yes for extra small ^_^ being with an amazing sisters and money is fun.

And James is my friend's name, by the way. I lacked blogged about friends for quite a number of times here on my blog. He usually helping me to take photos and edit photos like the background colour.  But today, my first photo on the top, he edit so freaking fake. He makes my face so shinning and white like OMFG as you can see on top but still im appreciate for his help. Here, I'm wearing a top by Nineteen89 Boutique. I really do fancy the scallop patterns on it. The material is also so comfy. I could wear it all day. Nineteen89 Boutique is one of my brand now :D Like seriously, i have so much Nineteen89 Boutique clothes at my closet. It's been so long i never go for shopping and update my clothes but Nineteen89 Boutique !

Sometimes I prefer online shopping because normally their price are much more cheaper than the shopping mall. So right, sometimes when I go shopping in Prangin Mall, unbrand shops, I will think twice before buying anything. I remember I bought a top from unbrand shop at Queensbay then came home and found out that someone is selling the same exact thing online in 3X cheaper. Lesson learnt. SERIOUSLY!! YOU GOTTA KIDDING ME!!

i'M glad to met her or else i do not know her page and do not know this lesson :D do support her page and my page as i had blogged about it HERE!

Goodbye~! See you again :D

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