Saturday, June 29, 2013@6:09 PM
Helloooo everyone! I'M BACK!!! I had ill for a week! Gosh~ Suffering time past and I've been up to so many things today. I'm really tired and exhausted, and yet, I feel like blogging right now. But when i logged in, it makes me down. My followers drop again D:

I promise I'll blog randomly because i were busying with my online page. Well, let's talk about it.

It wasn't an easy task to mingle with online business at all. I do all by myself. I've spent the whole morning taking photos, editing it with my logo, comparing prices and all myself  for Awesome.mite upcoming new arrivals.

I have a shout out here! If you followed my FB or Instagram you probably seen that I recently posted one photo regarding my phone casing/bags brand name Awesome.mite. It has finally LAUNCHED since the early of JUNE!! Seriously I really felt so happy that I can finally come out with my own page and selling things that i loved. One thing should mention is THANKS FOR THOSE PEOPLE WHO HELP ME SHARE WITH THEIR FRIENDS. I am so thankful for your helping, guys. I do appreciated!!

This is my page profile picture. 

I will brings you the best quality of my goods that i am selling right now. Lend me your hand and support me and my page. Most of the items are pre-order because i do not have money to get ready stock. So support me NOW and i will bring you the best quality that i can. I can even hunt any cases that you are searching or any goods that you are searching for a long long time and I will give you the best price :D

I do hire an assistant for helping me to reply message. Her name is Tracy under Customer Support. So most of the message will be reply from her because i afraid i do not have much time to reply your message :D

Well to be honest, setting all this isn't that easy. It takes few month to get set and done. And this is why I been so so busy lately :( We could hug each other and shout we finally make this happen after so long!!

Till then, can you guys do me a favour? Give my lovely page a LIKE okay? Here's our Facebook : Awesome.mite

In addition, i randomly pick and upload some items that i am selling now 

This is our latest update! Red Transparent Bag!! And we are selling at MY32 only! YOU MUST HAVE IT NOW!!! It really good quality though cause i get one for myself :D We will give you 5% discount if you bank in within 24hours after order!

See more at our Facebook : Awesome.mite


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