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Hakka Tree 客福家
Sometimes it is good to save our money for food. Doesn't mean expensive meals are delicious and inexpensive meals are nono for us to eat.. When comes to inexpensive meals, friends are always the one who help me to choose and think about cost. This is why i dislike choosing meals for everyone because i do not really know what they want to eat and blah blah blah reason. I will always thought of my friends are the best chooser compared me.. haha.

So yesterday after class ended at 12pm, we went to Tesco @ Tanjung Bungah because we have activities at night. (regret for not talking any picture when we were buying, choosing stuff and etc) Hmm, ignore about that, let's talk about food then. So we went for lunch after buying them. It is also located at Tesco @ Tanjung Bungah (inside of the tesco lah :D) It is called as, "Hakka Tree 客福家" @ Tesco Tanjung Bungah, Penang Street. This is a non halal store. Target customer is Chinese and Indian. People will think about budget for every meals they go if they already "bankrupt" like me. hahaha but you know as a food lover, I can search and search for the different cuisine of food from here or maybe somewhere else?

So today, I'm going to bring you all to the restaurant that my friends intro for me. A cafe that totally worth to pay a visit!  BUT I WILL NEVER GO BACK AGAIN!!!! I am not sure whether im the only one who think that but i don't really like their meals taste.. Not all of the foods taste good as well.. and here's what we had ordered :D

How does Hakka Tree 客福家 looks like?
Here you are one of the part of Hakka Tree 客福家. Don't wanna be a crazy girl taking picture of the main entrace of the restaurant cause they will "suan siao" me :D Just jokingg.. too lazy to capture it

inside of Hakka Tree 客福家

The dinning setting is kind of simple and the dining table is made of wood plus white marble top and these are our drinks :)

Tissues are provided

The menu is full of picture and simple description which made the ordering simple and easy for the customers

Pork RIB With White Rice - RM12.90

Pork RIB Noodles with Egg Bits - RM12.90

Yong Tao Fu noodles soup - RM11.90
(Don't really taste good enough and the soup taste like nothing.. i mean like a sky juice without any tastes? GOT IT?) NOT RECOMMENDED!!

Meat and Pork Tendon Ball - RM7.90

Have a try? Not a really delicious meals in this restaurant but some of their foods taste good and some no so be smart of choosing.. Choose something that not satisfied you, will be the expensive meals for your lunch. The yong tau fu is not much special when compare to other hawker stall. If this is Hakka styled Yong tau fu, the filler of the tau fu should come with meat, vegetable and some taste of salted fish but this is no no...

Have a try if you have walk by :D

Location: 1, Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang, Penang, Tanjung Tokong, 10470
Phone: 04-899-3887

Do update more delicious food and share with me so i can have try everyone :D

Enjoy :D

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