Saturday, March 9, 2013@6:30 PM
Birthday Gift
My friends are nudging me to post the birthday gift post.. Keep asking me when im going to post it, can't wait to see it and ... Haiya.. here's the birthday gift post lah.. go and read it to satisfy yourself :D

photos by yours truly

I am so blessed. I don't feel like I deserve any of these lovely things. But I am thankful, very thankful indeed. A gift from Swarovski that i never been expected by anyone elsee andd goshh!! it shocked me when i opened it!! I was really happy when he surprised me with them. Thank you for the necklace!!! Thank you Kelvin, James, Stev, Wayne and Daniel. My bestie got me a Silver Pearl Earrings from Vinstelia. Coincidently I was eyeing on it the first time I saw it when it was on sale while crossing the shop everytime.. i told myself, when can i get a beautiful earring for myself? (since i don't wear those expensive accessories on my body) But even with the sale on, I couldn't buy it. Sigh. But here it is! In my hands. Mine. Thank you Yong, Desmond and Ken!!! And another, I was also surprised by the mail man with a parcel sent from my parents!!! How lovely they are? They don't pass it directly but used to post it.. Awww... That's lovely mum!!! I was such a happy girl, crying tears of joy while laughing and constantly repeating "oh my god!! oh my godddd!!!". Thank you to my sister who present me a H&M shoes.. (but jie, i have a lot of shoess d lahh) I never wear this kind of design before but im changing my style and trying to wear a new style for myself :)  A surprise gift from my dearest friend Tracy whom got me a Strawberryyyy. All the way to get it from The Body Shop... She's so cuteeee with a pinky wrapping paperr.. (she's the one who wrap every present for me.) I love it and I can't wait to use it! Again, Thank you Tracy! Plus, a silly guy Zac got me a Oreo Cheese cake.. I never thought he really buy it cause i was joking with him all the wayyy.. Anywayy, love ittt!!! In addition, thank you to my high school friend Dena for the red dressss!!! I found it A pretty nice dress with the good quality of it since she got it from Twenty3. It's one of an online shopp.. - but nevertheless I think it's a great gift. Lastly, Elene got me a neon orange dress from unamed shop @KL (as she said) Love the colour so much but i still never try it out! Thank you so much everyoneeee!!!

And thank you for your special pink umbrella since you said my car do not have any umbrella.. hahahaha* (actually i did have an umbrella in my car but you are blind and never even ask from meee..) hahaha

I never expect i get so much expensive presents for this year.. i cry with those lovely presents and lovely wishes from all of you.. They said, it is my last year staying teenager life so should be happy to receiving all of these.. i love you guys..

things that never expect so much, will happen immediatlyy~~!

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