Tuesday, March 12, 2013@7:21 PM
Always tell someone how you feel because opportunities are lost in the blink of an eye but regret can last for a lifetime

I know im weak and Im not strong enough to handle my stories. I do not know why everything appear my mind when im about to sleep. Maybe its one of my inspiration to write on the night time? I barely ask someone to help me for those small little things and today, there's a guy I wish him to help me. Want to close with him nearer and nearer. And im started to ask myself, am I started to fall in love with him? My answer is duno. I afraid I have a another scar on my heart. So I choose to go away and being a friends that makes him feel annoyed. Everything started to become a war. Fighting, killing, scolding and hurting each other. Im asking myself again, am I the one who start all of these trouble? Am I the one who makes things turns out bad? I feel sorry to being a bitch who had done everything bad to everyone who is trying to protect me.

And here I go, my feeling started to Fade.. trying not to close with him or talk with him. Let it normal. Be a friend. But it isnt solved! It become worse and everyone is hurting. I do not know what shall I do to fix it. And last, I shouted loudly, "SHUT UPPPPPP!!!!!!!" Everyone is looking at me with a strange eyes and I told them, "please stop the warr!! Respect in me. Close your eyes and think who you are before this war...." and so, they started to chilling down and open up their bottle and drink water with a sound "clurp clurp clurp" and lastly theres no more war. Everyone is happily again except me. I miss him and I cant get close with him anymore :(

Just a story i got inspiration while i am going to bed last night.. and i'm not writing about me.. no one is related in this post.. just writing it for those girl who can't be with a guy who she likes / loves... and trouble everywhere..

And also, for people who do not know how to appreciate a girl that she loves you.. once she let it go, she will never ever turn back~~

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