Tuesday, February 26, 2013@11:39 AM
Three Day Two Nights Part II in KL Shah's Village Hotel
Hello.. hello.. hello.. I am going to update PART II post about KL. You remember? Read this to refresh  haha.. i know the trips had been over but im too lazy too resize the pictures.. it's too large and quite a lot of pictures.. but i had done updating nowww :)

Anyway, here's come the 2nd day in KL.

Good morninggg~~!!

While my sister still sleeping like a pig, my mum and i went down to swimm.. Actually im not swimming.. just went in to the pool for fun.. haha


i do not know why my face looks so white here >< 

i don't wanna go backkkk

Btw, there's a few people ask me, did i edit my pictures? i'm here to tell you, i'm not! all pictures here are original by using my Compact camera Canon PowerShot SX40HS Full HD :)

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