Wednesday, February 27, 2013@11:32 AM
Plan B in KL
Hello and Good morning my readers. Have you read my Three Days Two Nights trip in KL PART II yet?

Btw, let's rewind to the month that i went to KL. So here we go.. How i spent my my second day in KL for fooddd.. I did research where to eat before i go to KL.. i heard a lot of peoples said there's a Plan B restaurant and very delicious.. and it's also a place for people who do not know where to eat and a Plan B decision? haha.. We were plan to eat Sushi Zanmai but it's full of peoples!!! i can't stand to wait for the seats.. so we went to Plan B restaurant.

A pretty good day with my family, at Plan B. As I had mentioned above lah :D
Plan B's menu.. So beautifullll :D

Went to few places had breakfast, lunch and dinner, but I think Plan B restaurant bring you a cozy yet warming one, not to forget to mention, the stuffs are very friendly... Plan B foods and drinks serve fresh, home baked..

Let's me show you what I had, a set of food in Plan B restaurant but i have to apologize cause i forget the name of foods :(  We picked this because everything come double! There are 2 different flavor of burgers but i can't eat the one i order but force to choose that.. i don't know why all their foods are completely finish.. Maybe we are late or something.. That day, all dishes we mostly want to order, had fully finished!! Hmmm..  I wish i can go back again for their foods..

See!! FULL HOUSEEE!!! And i like the view and decoration there.. so relaxingggg..

Vanilla Milkshake taste goooddd!! Not too sweet.. "ngam ngam hao" :D

This is the burger that i ordered..  (but forget the name of this burger.. ) :(

Craving for food noww :(

(again forget the name ) :(

Had a great day spending my time with my family. We enjoyed the environment, the foods taste delicious there.. Everything good but except the food.. Sometimes completely fininsh or some ingredients are out of stock.. LOL!!

Everything never comes perfectly right? It might not to be the best one, but I think this is the best one i had so far in KL.

That's all for today :D

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