Tuesday, February 12, 2013@11:01 PM
Chor Yee of 2013 Chinese New Year
Hello, hello. Happy Chinese New Year everyone! I do nothing at home today. i did not step out from my house today because all relatives came to my house play, eat, talk, sleep for da whole day >< So, I've time to blog right now because i have nothing to do now. Bored man!! No gamble-ing for us.. Mum say, gambling is a waste thing in life even for CNY. Money flies if you are not lucky. if you are, sppechless. hehee! so better not to gambling. no one dare to gambling in our house... LOL!! They play mahjung but i do not know how to play at all.. i just sit there and take pictures with my relatives and cousins.  So yesterday, is SECOND day of chinese new year lah!

Chinese New Year has always been my favourite cause i can find an excuse to buy a brand new outfit including shoes haha. That’s my favorite part.. Weee. Read this if you haven't reading it yet..

Then on the first day of CNY, we will go down to my grandparents’ house early in the morning for a dim sum. Nom~! Nom~! Nom~! What a fun day cause i can eat whatever i want. My parents can't say NO because my grandparents were there. hehe* and then head home to prepare second round of breakfast which is vegetarian foods.. That's what i don't like >< Cause i don't really like to eat those vegetarian like cucumber, long beans and etc..

But i still have to eat them.. So all peoples said, "this is why you look thin" that will hurts me :(

Well, also can said that CNY is giving me a chance to sleep and relax. Meeting friends and relatives. Having fun all around cause i don't have a big family.. Everyone is staying overseas and we hardly go there cause different place cost different price for the plane so we gonna wait them to come back after CNY.. lol.. We are special lahh.. I guess no one will similar like mine.

and i want to play fireworks~~!! God damn!! No one is playing with me this year. So emo when hearing others playing in their house and all fireworks around.. :(

No filter and pictures taken by my Samsung Galaxy S3
and i did post a few pictures on my instagram. Mind follow me on instagram?
My username is : maryy_cheese

I'm quite glad that my kampung is in Penang. haha! We don't have to drive car all the way to long location with those traffic jams that we most hate it!! and my grandparents lives just around my house area so we can reach there before 20minutes. lol..

My family members 
except my elder sister. She couldn't be back on CNY :(

Top from Mango,  Bottom from La Maison de ModeNecklace from Paradigm@KLShoes from Cotton On and Bag from Topshop

Besides that, here is the ang pao that i received yesterday.. So little :(

I planned to post a outfit post about what i wore yesterday, but not much picture taken cause im in hurry to go to my grandparents house so skipped my shoes shot. I guess, you may see it through second image lah.. :)

What about today?

I'm not going anywhere today. Just at house with normal outfit cause all relatives came to my house today. play, eat, talk, sleep.. haha..

stay tuned :)

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