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2012 what I had been through
Happy New Year to all of my family members and my fellow friends! Forget about the past and make year of 2013 a better place of living. Huat arrr! :) It's a brand new year of 2013 and another brand new days! 2012 taught me a great lesson. How to take everything in proportion, even our expectations of something that have to be measured with the relationship to reality. Lesson I have learnt. Goodbye 2012, and Hello to 2013. I am getting older and older and everything changes from what I had think when I am small till I have become teenager now and it is my last year to be a teenager girl in 2013.. o.O Everyone is very sensitive when their aged turned into 20+ right? Maybe neh and maybe yeah. Because it's a age to get married and time to think about future and blah. LOL!!

Here are the highlights which took me a best memorable months in 2012. You may click on the links to read / re-read the posts if you're too free but i advised you not to read/re-read them because it's the sucky post/pictures that i ever posted. LOLLOLLOL!!

A very memorable year of 2012


Count down for 2012 New Year. LOL!! It wasn't too good and wasn't too bad lah. Very random month in January 2012.


February month was a very special day ever cause I received a Valentine's gift from my crush.
I beg you guys will be shocked that I do not received any gift from my ex boyfriend. Not even once. It will be awesome to get another gift for this year even thought i don't have boyfriend nor a crush. HAHA. As i mentioned here, We don't have to buy expensive gifts and spend so much money. It's the little things that counts after all. Valentine's day is not the only special day we can spend with our Valentine but we can use to spend everyday and makes the day to be special. We should treat every day as Valentine's Day. Agree with me?


March is a month that its count my birthday month. As you all know, my birthday is on 3rd of March. This birthday cake is from my friends who celebrated with me and a blessed me. It is awesome celebrating birthday with one of your close friends but in 2012, it was my sadness month of all cause i thought i will be celebrating my birthday with my crush but ended up he is not here yet attended performances. I don't wanna talk about it anymore but if you're keen you can just go through my March archive posts .LOL!


Applying to college for my Certificate course. It was my nightmare ever because I could not sleep before the day after tomorrow.. I kept think if they want to take me as their student? Think quiet a lot but end up i'm a student of Segi now :)

May is a busy month. All of the lecturer gave us assignments in one short and asked us to completed it in time. It was my nightmare ever because I don't really have the mood to do assignment nor study that time but finally it's over now and I had passed all of the subjects.. Waiting for the next sem that coming in 7th of January 2013 :(

June is a memorable month that I had straighten my hair again. From straighten to clur and clur to straighten.. Lol! Money too much till I don't know where to spent at. Joking*Joking*

August is the first day i took photoshooting from Elene, my colleague friend.
I do not know what to post and kidda shy to post in front of her. I kept laughing like a fool person of myself and simply posting like a no no model post.

And the coming months are September, October, and November. I guess you will be knowing what i had done in that months, right? Actually, nothing special on that months.. Lazy to describes it and also I have nothing to describes. LOLLOL!

About December, a very memorable day ever because I received several gifts from all my lovely friends that I do not expect when or where to received it from them. It surprised me and somehow it is my memorable month that I will never forget about it.

and I enjoyed my last year of dinner in 2012 with my family members @The Famous Penang's Hainan Western Food (New Outlet) :)

By the way, I re-read all my posts and I felt i am so ugly with the photos i took. Plus, i always blog those emotional post saying something about love all the time. So i gonna change my way to blog for 2013. No personal private post now and everything will be a happy post and something that is related more to my friends, where i have been, what i have do and blah blah. Depends on what I will post in 2013. See it..

I guess, not all of you know that I'm a super duper anti social person. I do not know why I could not talk much with people that I just know. I felt weird when peoples talk with me with their topics and I replied.. That's it. I do not know what to talk with them and I can't find any topics to talk with but I can say that, I can talk a lot with different kinds of topics with male fiends. I am not "hiao" or flirting with guys but I do not know why I have a lot of topics and I can even closed with them. LOL. but also, I told myself I must talk much from now and should try to find topics with my friends that I just meet with each other but every time, Imma failed!! I'm too shy, and do not know what to do in live. I will trying to made a lot of friends and talk with them now!! Really!! I am trying!!

And also thanks to Fion who invited me to joined the Blog Lovers and Readers group. I met a lot of friends there and I love reading their blogs because their blog makes inspired and taught me a lot though. I am thanks to Fione who inbox me to join the groups. I am thankful to be there and i am trying to talk with them too but I started to be more confident but I am no sure what if I meet them in real life.. Can I talk with them like this? Anyway, I am too proud to be invited and learned from all the pretties there. So I have to be confident and try to talk and talk with them now!! 2013, i have to be confident and be positive mind :)

In addition, I have plan and target myself in 2013. What I should do and plan for myself before my age turned to 20 o.O

1. I want to get a branded Burberry, Longchamp, LV Neverfull PM, YSL handbag & Coach wristlet.

2. Wish I can success make a page of myself and sell items in internet to earn for more money.
3. Travel places I've never been before
4.  Be more mature and more prettier than before.
5. Get new lappie because my lappie officially spoilt. (I mean my lappie's battery. I have to buy another battery to replaced it but all my friends advised me not to because it will be spoilt another time..)
6. Get a new camera. I want DSLR even though I do not know what to do with it. (i think this wont happen in 2013. maybe 2014 :)
7. Get my piano back (i know it won't happen to me :/)
8. Get a boyfriend? LOLLOL!!
9. More followers
10. Decorate my room
11. Pick up an extra courses for me like, English language + speaking courses (i guess my college did provide this courses, right? waiting for it)

I hope everything I wish can be complete before it turns to 2014. Hahahaa* It's a long way to go so I guess I have a lots of time to complete my wishes.. And, please, please, please to get more money in 2013 because I love to go shopping and grabs things that I want it and never look for the price. o.O My stupid habit that everyone dislike. My friends always scolded me and also my ex-boyfriend. My ex-boyfriend scolded me until I cried.. but i still could not change my habit because things i love so much does not get it in my hands, i will still try my best to get it.. LOL

I am very thankful and happy for nice and helpful people around me, like my family, my friends, Bloggie friends and my closer friends. Never knew how awesome life can actually be, until i started to believe that good things can happen to me and everyone always stay besides me to fulfil my daily.. And it's a very very nice feeling when you see nice things happening to your friends too.

2012 has been a great year and also a sadness year.. I have to thanks to my friends and my readers who always cheer me up everytime whenever I am sad with those nice comments and everything. It makes my day.. Thank you everyone who always stay beside me.

I hope 2012 has been good year for you too.

I hope this year will be more better than 2012. The most i wish is, no sadness that will tears me apart. o.O

Well,quite long post today and it's my first post in 2013. Have a nice day and Happy New Year again!

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