Monday, February 13, 2012@2:05 PM

Happy Valentine's Day.
To be love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides.
May all of you find love and happiness.

I made a card for him as a Valentine's gift and he bought me a iPhone 4 case with three roses and diamonds. I am so exciting when he present me as a Valentine's Day gift. He told me, his mission had failed and I asked him why? He told me, he has no time to find a box and wrapped it. He decided to gave me cause I'm mad waiting him for two hours in da shopping mall.

I feel some romantic feeling but I don't dare to show it out in front of him. I'm shy to do it cause I still haven't give him the card that I had made for him =[ I'm late and I felt UGLY with the card that I did for him. I wrote a summary with our story that we had been through by years and years.

We don't have to buy expensive gifts and spend so much money. It's the little things that counts after all.
Valentine's day is not the only special day we can spend with our Valentine but we can use to spend everyday and makes the day to be special. We should treat every day as Valentine's Day.

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