Wednesday, June 15, 2016@9:42 PM
food makes me feel good

Hey guys! I'm so sorry for the lack of updates.

Today I'm here to write a really casual life update, and to let you guys know what I've been up to recently.

So I was really busy with college(excuses) and outing with friends. Assignments start to come one after another not forgetting mid term and finals are around the corner. I afraid that i could not do good in my finals as my last semester result ain't good than my expectation at all. I really really want to get an A this time.

I was so stressed up.

I am trying to understand all the subjects that been taughted.

I hate last minute work but i have no choice sometimes because my brain takes things really slow.

I have to do extra last minute work so i can remember everything for the next day finals.

I am done rushing through life. I should learn to take things slow.

And what makes me relax is food. I went to had breakfast with my friends at coffee bean after college.

after that, my partner and i spent our times photo shooting with our new arrivals which is coming soon at 20/06/2016 on Monday. Check out our facebook page : LOVELY DREAMER CLOSET :) I am appreciate if you are supporting me :D

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