Sunday, April 10, 2016@12:39 PM
Probably you all might forgotten me in blogger life. I had miserable life in last year. I beat you guys know i have a boyfriend if you do following me on instagram. just got lost somewhere. The truth is that I just couldn’t find enough inspiration for myself let alone share with all of you. I thought that it is just not right.. after all how would I inspire you, when I cannot inspire myself? That’s why I stayed away from all the blogging, the social media (except on Instagram&Facebook. more often on instagram. You can follow me on instagram:@mrychs. leave me direct message and i will follow u back) and was trying to prioritize my life.
And today I’m back. Focused and confident because I know that I’m idealist who believes in the beautiful things and wants to create them. And that’s what I do and I’ll continue to do.

It's been a while since updating this blog. I also guess that the blog thing is a kinda dying lately (for the past year and few months)

Anyways, Im back! And I'm back because I want to motivate myself and people around the world!
Usually people starting blogs/posting when they got something good in their life and they want to share it - true. For me, I wanna show people how to be strong and never give up!

No idea how many of you going to read that all but I will trying to make it as short and detailed as possible.
From where I should start? I will skip the last year, and starting with this one. Start was pretty good, I had my friend from Segi college penang and we grinded a lot together, did some fun and had pretty good time together. Thanks to my friend help I changed few things in life and studied a lot from her/him too. December and January start were pretty good and I was on the peak with my studies. Like what? im still studying? Probably yes! What most grinders don't do, I did - for the next 5 months I had coach. I studied a lot, changed a lot of things and she helped me to improve a lot. Unfortunately I hit downswing in the middle of deal. So it was Feb. ending or start of march.... which im still on :D Yes, you heard me.

It has been a tough times, like seriously very very tough! Me and my boyfriend (consider ex-boyfriend now) had been broke up for past four months. I had hard time and no where to go. Chilling myself with friends and trying to figure out things to do everyday. So blogging pops up in my mind. I will skip for relationship problem here.. I spent all my money away. like seriously for up to few thousands to pamper myself. I seriously dont know how im still here and moving on but I got the motivation and thinking that - What I really love to do, I will never ever give up, no matter how hard its going to hit me.

I will still improving my life :)

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