Friday, January 23, 2015@1:58 PM

Hi, everyone! I miss blogging. I said I wanted to quit blogging,  but now I start miss blogging, chat with the bloggers. I've been very busy lately. I started my college life back so everything messed up! Do not have the proper time to do things i wanted to do BECAUSE I DON'T HAVE ENOUGH TIMES (maybe im lazy sleeping around XD)

It's almost end of January already! Time passed quickly! Every year I make a new year resolutions so when a new year comes, I'll see if I achieve any of it. I certainly don't remember almost any of them so I am going to read it through and prolly see if I make any of it!

This is my 2015 resolutions :

1. Blog more about inspirations / what i have done recently /

2. Talking about outfit . It's reminds me i have not take any much photo lately except OOTD #instagram

3. Eat more to gain weight

4. Study more / Prepare for exam, not last minute

5. Get a boyfriend (sounds funny here haha)

6. Buy my favourite bags / i know ladies likes bags, i mean who don't right?

7. Travel to more places!! / this year i wish to go Bangkok, Korean, Taiwan

8. Earn more money / save more money in the future

9. Get new car (i really wish i have a new car right now)

10. Become pretty (LOLL // opps)

Okay the last one I'm not sure if I can do it but since every girls want to be pretty than before ! Hopefully i can change my beauty LOLLL

Gotta prepare for college later, See ya! Do follow me on instagram for more updates @MRYCHS :D

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