Friday, February 7, 2014@9:20 PM
I find myself blogging again.

I am busy. i am tired. I do apologize, sincerely. Especially to those who have asked me to blog again. Well here I am. Don't know when the next disappearing will happen again. But I'll be here for a while. So what have I been up to..  I've been enjoying the simple life till this year busy on working at parents cafe.. seriously no idea on how busy am i.. Wake up in the early morning to fetch my younger sister to school, making breakfast, doing account and have been facing lots of customers on my online boutique (glad that i have those customers too). Plus, searching for nice clothes yet good quality for my customers.. then being a model for photo shooting my online boutique clothes, this is what that keep me busy.

Top : Topshop // Bottom : Topshop // Bag : oh_perfectionist (my online boutique) + match with a fitflop 

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