Friday, January 31, 2014@9:49 PM
This blog is not dyinggg

It's quite some time that i did not blog since 3th of December 2013. I had been busy with my current job. Like no more studying? Should be say that i give up on studying. Kinda stress and i don't know what to studyy so rather choose to work than studying the subject that I am not interesting.. I know many of you telling me, "no future next time", "such a wasted cause you can study kaki", "you have to plan for your future" and many more. i know all of you care about me but seriously i don't like it.. i want to study either culinary art or designer but parents don't agree so decided to pick business but i realise i don't have the "like" to keep it on! lol..

Okay, back to the topic bout blogging, I don't have any inspirations to blog until today , i got the mood to sit down and write and write. Mostly got back home after work, bath, nap awhile, reply my online business message (awesome.mite (phone case) and oh_perfectionist (clothes), watch tv, had my dinner, outing for like three hours then got back home and sleep like a pig. Don't really have much time to blog. Plus, my laptop was dead since long time ago. Need to borrow lappie from my sister when she is not using. (saving money to get new one and all of my picture had lostttttttttt.. those place i pay a visit just no more.. can't even share with you all D:) some more i don't like to sleep late. when I sleep really late, I get hungry and I have to get out of my room to find food. Then, i can't wake up in the morning and parents will nagging me and imy mood turns bad till i can scold people like very very bad. i don't like this attitude so i choose to sleep early and ...

I'm still not giving up on blogging. sometimes blogging/writing learns a lot from mistake. was having a lot of grammar mistake, not really good in english in the past but i think its a lil better now cause my friend taught me a lot from mistake even said those hurtful words but i accepted it from the mistake. i planning to take course for english this year. keep saying that i will going to take, I  will, and I will since past two years ago but  I still haven't go BECAUSE I AM SO SO SO LAZYYYY !!!

I know I'm not a professional writer.
In past two years ago, writing those emotional post because of those bad guys who make me cry like a babyy :( Romance is not a bad thing, I want people to appreciate and continue appreciating my love and romance. It's not that hard to appreciate me if you chase me from the beginning. Saying that you love me but all are liar. Well, appreciate beautiful things, beautiful stuff, and lovely family and friends. yea, thats what i am doing right now ~ But still hoping i can find a guy (MR RIGHT!!!!) which can give all his love and appreciation for me. that what i want. sayang me want ;) all girls want it okay!!! WHERE ARE THOSE GOOD GUY? ALL GO FOR PRETTY GIRLS???!!!

but to foods and several outfit post since last year. guess this year gonna be foods, outfit, friend, and "what i bought today"? planning to change my style of blogging ;) and hope i can go one trip this year! ATLEAST ONE cause i were planning to go a lot of place this year with my family and friends but sad that my grandpa just passed away D: why grandpa ?! i can't accept it because it is very sudden! You are so healthy! You are so strong but why? why you leave us so earlyyy D: (OKAY EMO AGAIN D:)

so sometimes appreciate people around you else you will regret when they leave you ... Tell them that they are awesome, tell other people that they are awesome. Try to understand them if you like them, don't just look at their pictures, their look. Their beauty isn't just skin-deep.

and i decided to change new me, the brand new me with new style. going to dye my hair darker cause im asian. i respect asian with black hair plus i can save my money from dye+ing my hair this colour to another colour. second, i should speak more cause lots of people who just know me said "I AM SO PROUD" EH, I'M JUST ANTI-SOCIAL,KAY!! anyway i will try to talk more :D

Ok, i will try to blog more cause i have lots of draft that still haven't publishhh!!!

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