Sunday, October 6, 2013@6:04 PM
The Black House Zakka Store Penang
Had a date with my jerk male friend last Friday! We'll always hunt those cafe/restaurant that we never been before.. Both of us love to try something new and it is quite interesting cause never try, never know mah :D

So I've seen through instagram posting photos about The Black House Zakka Store and I was really curious about this place cause of its special name! Decided to check with my friend to have our lunch there :)

This new cafe was previously only a store, selling ..well...basically everything! Pillows, wooden furnitures, frames, decorative items, accessories, appliances, etc...

Now, it is a cafe with started 5 months ago, a cafe owned a nail salon and dishes  - Zakka  is in Japanese it means 'many things'!

Let's picture tell you the story than crapping ;)

The entrance. 
Matching the theme of the cafe's name - Black.
Strictly no shoes allowed. 

The entrace of the design

Inner part...

 A huge collection of cool and retro stuff! 
All for sale as long as it has a price tag.

There are The nail salon in another room. You will be seeing when you are across for dishes.
And they are photo frame arrangements! Along with book and toys sales for kids :)

and The dining area its not huge, but super cozy!
Love how they design!

Orange Juice RM5.90 +  White Coffee RM5.90

 Big boss RM18.90
Perfect for a breakfast 

Squid Inle Pasta RM24.90
My first squid ink pasta - made an awesome first impression on me. Its is yummy and squid is so smalll.

Limited tables. Be sure to call to reserve a space!

Service : 8/10
Price : 5/10 (because their foods ain't full and not worth the price. No lies, it is yummy)
Car Park : 3/10
No service Charge!
6E, Arratoon Road,
10050 Penang

Business Hours: 
Business Hour: 12.30pm - 7.00 pm
Closed on Tuesdays

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