Monday, October 14, 2013@12:32 AM
Talks about fashion
Hello, i had been long time never post my outfit liao. All about food and food and food only!If you do follow me on ma instagram, you will know that i keep posting foods! Haven't blog it yet D: too lazy yet busy! Lazy shop for new clothes also D: and went to dentist this afternoon and makes me feel so unwell now! Keep bleeding non-stop till i cant eat my lunch and dinner D:

Okay, back with the outfit of the day..

I believe that everyone has their own fashion. Freedom to match and wear every outfit that we feel comfortable and looks nice with. Never think fashion is rubbish yet it make how others look on us and how we feel ourself! Whatever how the clothes looks or design, always in trend!

I bet everyone does dress up perfectly like a pretty girl :D. I can't really tell you how easy to dress up myself because my mood rely heavily on my outfit!! It's all depend on my mood everyday i dress up myself! It's the best if you find one shop that can dress up with you pefectly! Seriously, i found one an online boutique which can really find nice clothes and high quality of their clothes. They are normally the best in recommending if you don’t know where to buy your clothes from online! All time favourite, Nineteen89 Boutique brand! Because imma lazy girl to shop now!! Busy serving my customers at awesome.mite! Come and support me, okay? ^.^

I don't really stick to one style, my style of the day depends on my mood as i had said above and I love to wear anything that I think it's nice. I can say that I love wearing casual. I always think simple and casual is fashionable too.

Here's how I pair it to look more casual yet fashionable lah :D!
So today's coordinate :

I simple dress up with a oversize nerd tee and one long legging :) Take short time to dress up yet looks casual and nice. hehe

Now if you don't know what to wear, you can pay a visit at Nineteen89 Boutique! See ya

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