Thursday, September 19, 2013@12:02 PM
Behind 50 @ Muntri Street, Penang
Hello blog, I am back and it's already the mid of September! Time passed just like this and i had been away for pass few weeks! I'm so tired with my job recently and add on my online boutique business. Do you know I own an online business which is called AWESOME.MITE? Do pay a visit and support me there. Need more supporters and also customers :)

And here comes food post again.. A few weeks passed, my friend and I decided to pay a visit at love lane since we never been there before and never see those awesome drawings although i am penang lang. LOL.. While walking by, we saw a cafe which called Behind 50 at Muntri Street! Kinda looks relaxing and awesome feeling so we decided to spend our time there and had our dinner along :D

The shop is very obvious that it is painted in bright yellow colour walls which is only the single story unit. .with nice photo’s on the wall as well

Here's come Behind 50 menu :)

The decorating from Behind 50 cafe. The whole place is decorated with very rustic feeling, mostly with their own creative design to ensure that the cafe is as heritage as possible . .

The cafe is certainly not big that can host only a few tables and mini bar seating area

Mushroom soup is good, as I find it creamy and thick. Love how it taste :D

I guess this would sure be a another great place to hang out with friends with their drinks are certainly up for grab, and filled with modernize pre-war style deco and the pricing of it is sure quite reasonable . . . .For food wise, its really good enough for me. I'm very satisfy with their food.. You can pay a visit too :)

Address : 50, Love Lane, Georgetown, Penang
Phone Contact :   6012-493 9230
 Operation Hours : Monday-Sunday  11:30:00 AM - 01:00:00 AM
                             Closed on every Thursday

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