Monday, July 15, 2013@2:15 PM
Working out @ Jatomi Fitness
I joined my first gym and started working out!

About three months ago, I finally decided to pay for a gym membership. Aside from the gyms at Jatomi, Gurney Plaza that were huge and wonderful and, this is my first gym membership. I haven’t thought much about joining a gym much since I have spent so much of my time over the past couple of years running long distances, outside. While of course it would be nice to have more muscle definition, abs, it’s never been my priority.

Anyway, back to signing up for the gym… I had meet with one of the recruiter people a few times about prices, and finally went in to start a membership after they made a reasonable offer on my desired plan at RM103.74 per month with one year-two years contracts. (forget about how many year contract d) Most of their other plans involved paying RM200 and above up per month without contract but I decided not to try because it ain't worth and it can save me money a year or two down the line when possibly be making way too much money to care.

I now exercise at least twice a week! I still haven't attend any exercise classes that available there because my time ain't fix with their timetable. Of course the class that is suitable for me lah!

But here’s how it can be a good cause for more than just yourself.


Other than that, When I see a man or woman who is six times bigger than me glaring at me for taking too long on the machine, I will start thinking “ahhhhhh must escape.” But refuse back, : "How dare he?! My registration probably paid for this machine lah! I will use it as long as I see fit!"

I am taking my embarrassment and turning it into pride. Because I’m at the gym, damn it! I am giving it a go. And that’s so much better than all the people at home, watching tv, playing computer games and totally not giving it a go.

When all else fails, I plan to take  friends come along with me because, as cheesy as it sounds, things are less scary when you have someone to hold your hand. :D

My key to the gym and for my locker. (use this for everything you want to have it in the fitness)
It's easy to carry it everywhere you go. Wear it in your wrist. Easy and don't afraid to lost it 

Going to gym not only for slimming down your body. Many people thought that going to gym for only fat peoples because some of my friends say, "WAH. YOU GO TO GYM? YOU WANT TO BE MORE SKINNER AR?" and i replied, "I go to gym to gain my weight and have a slim and healthy body. So don't go misunderstand that go for an exercise or gym to be thinner and blah blah blah :D

For more infomation of Jatomi Fitness, you can go here

Bye bye :D

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