Sunday, July 7, 2013@1:08 PM
Wondering Sunday

photos by Kelly

Top : Standforfashion047 (instagram)  | Bottom :  Miucious | Black Korean Shades : Nineteen89 Boutique | Tote Bag : Longchamp Planetes

Hello hello! Firstly, I would like to thank the sister for helping me take these outfit of my photos. It's not the first time me asking her to take my photos. I had to eventually break from the shyness that held me back from asking her. But after a few giggles here and there during the shoot, it got better! Haha.

Secondly.... I have exciting news for you girls! I'm in the process of making giveaway for my page Awesome.mite. Will be uploading it tonight at 0830 SHARP! I really really want to do this and am putting my heart into this giveaway. It is my first time doing this giveaway to get more support and likes for my page? MAYBE :D

Ps! One of the giveaway items will be this inpired of celine bag that i wanted to sell out. I have two and one sell off and left another one here. I have too many bags till i do not know what to use when i am going out. LOL.

Wondering if there's anyone in the giveaway list?

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