Saturday, June 22, 2013@10:06 PM
That red dress
Hello. It's been quiet around here. Haze is making me so suffering till i am ill. I missed blogging life. Blogging is great. But a shift from having to tell the world about your life to just writing it down in my journal. It is one of the way to improve our English too.

I love taking photo using front camera. The reason why, because i can know the way i look HAHAHA

Btw, just got back home after watching SUPERMANNN~~! It's pretty awesome movie that i ever thought. I can say that, i almost fall asleep from the start but when it comes to the middle part, i can't wait to see till the end. Seriously, it is so "GAN JEONG"!!! DAMNN!!! I LOVE HIMM.. He is soo HANDSOMEE o.O

Lastly, outfit of the day

W E A R I N G :
Top : Twenty3 , Bag : Twenty3, Scandals : Step

One of the things I'm really thankful for, are those owner who sells nice clothes with good quality till my closet are full of pretty clothes now. I love buying through online because it is much cheaper than those shopping mall shop except those branded brand lah. If it's not for them, I wouldn't even be blogging as I am now. I love the simplicity of this dress and the heart bag. But the ugly me, couldn't wear it nicely o.O

Also, do check out their newly launched everyday!

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