Saturday, May 4, 2013@11:00 PM
Simple style

Hello MAY!!! I’m so happy today because it’s weekends although i still sitting for exam but still can rest like a boss now! So stress for my exam recently until my black circles come out and my face getting worse!! CAN'T WAIT TO GO FOR FACIAL!!! And also for SEM BREAK!!! Public holidays means that I get to update my blog with pretty OOTDs, foods, simple reason being that I have time to dress up and take a lot of pictures to share with everyone and mixing my friends around!!! It's been so long i never hang out with my "geng" already!!!

Happy Saturday, and tomorrow is the day for VOTING!!! Are you ready to vote?? UBAH!! UBAH!! UBAH!!! Please vote wisely, because one vote could make a big difference!!! I'm looking forward for the new government, are you? LET'S WAIT FOR THE RESULT TOMORROW NIGHT!!!

Anyway, let's put the Ubah topic aside, I'm going to blog about my OOTD post. Today I decided to update my blog since i haven't been update any of them on May so here it is. Taking pictures all by myself except for my OOTD. Putting a red lipstick and so do colour up my eye brown into light brown.

To be honest, I have plenty of new clothes but I have no chance to wear them because I stopped going out at night, outing with bunch of my friends, dress up myself pretty, neither to clubs nor for drinks… I just wear normal whenever i go out recently!! LOL!!!

Check this out :

Rhis hair style is actually a very random one. I "cincai" "cincai" pin it up! haha cause I was thinking that it's so bored to have my hair down :D

Top from H&M, Legging from Mango, Cap from Reebook 


End with a song of Jason Chen - Best Friends

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