Tuesday, April 9, 2013@11:01 PM
She is down
I wanted to write about this for a very long time. I just couldn't find the right time to blog about it.
Until i have an inspirations today.. hmmm

Let me tell you stories.

A girl has been cheated on twice, by two different guys on two different reasons. And they have very long term relationships like around two years?

Honestly, you will be seriously sad when you find out that your loved ones cheated on you.

1) You guys break up.
2) You feel like it's the end of the world. You guys had been together for so long and questioning yourself why! why would he/she go for someone else? why he not choose you? n blah blah blah
4) Start blaming yourself and think that you're the worst person in the world.
5) You can't trust anyone anymore.
6) You want to run away from the world.
7) Tears, tears and more tears when you think about him

She was feeling down today..

She never expect this trouble happens to her again..

She is a girl. (of course. lol =.=) She had been broken hearts in her past. She swear to herself that she will never hurtd herself again and never chase any people..

After her broken heart, she haven't been liking anyone in the past few years until today. She fall in love with a guy that just met for a few days ago.. Never thought of liking that guy in sudden. She don't wish to tell anyone until she cry secretly under the bed.. and her friend rang her by saying, "HELLO" and her crying voice appear and replied, "HELLO" and her friend feels weird about her voice and started to be curious on what is happening with her and she started to tells the whole story with her friend.

So here's the story go~

She met a guy in a mall and passing by to say hello with him and he is a polite guy who replied, "hello". She smiles at him and he returned..

That's a day he started to met him and curious about when she is going to meet him again.. hmm..

A month later, she met him again and he bought her for food and telling her his part of his life.. She started to look at him and listen what he is trying to say.. but she hardly understand/know what he is talking about because she sucks in "special" language so a friend of her helped her to reply every words  and he smiles to her and she smiles back.. talk a few words and well, she started to missed him..


She keeps asking why she can likes a guy that she met each other for twice. Even her friends scold her about it but she really don't know. No answer in her mind.. IT'S EMPTY!!!

She missed him until she can't wait to see him again. Then she search him on Facebook. Finding and typing his name and finally he found him at Facebook and she added him. Not an hour, he accepted her and a he inbox her by saying "hello" and the girl shouts like a crazy girl because she couldn't accept it.. Keep repeating, "OMG, OMG, OMG" lol..

They started to talk with each other happily again but they ended their conversation after a few weeks.

She's emo again.

She feels like crying but she force herself not to be because she swear that she will never cry for anyone and never chase for any guy right now.

She re-read their conversation again and again until her tears drop..

But she's happy when she can get to capture picture with him..

She can't sleep yet thinking of him with a dialogue, "BYE BYE AND GOOD NIGHTTT~~~"

She keep staring the picture of him and ..

She dreamt of him at night.

He was tagging a girl in his Facebook with a song of "WHEN I WAS YOUR MAN." She's down after looking on the status and she knowing it is impossible and she started to cry..


It's enough for her because she's knowing she has no chance to be with him and he will never likes someone like her.

So she trying to give up for liking him..

She always dreamt to be with someone like him but when she found it, she used to give up. She do not has much confident but how the h**l this is going to happen again?

The positive HER is gone by now. She's stressed up with her life and her love issues and she can't think of doing anything but ranting here instead.


But she knows that, there're so many people out there are there for her and liking her as a friend.

She hoping to get back the conversation with him again but she knowing it is 70% that impossible to have back and if they do, he won't likes her.

so well, the pity girl do not know how to move on her life yet thinking of him and also trying to give up..




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