Sunday, April 14, 2013@6:51 PM
Le Outfit

photos by le sister

Top from Hang Ten | Skirt from Forever 21 | Belt from Padini Concept Store | Shoes from H&M | Bag from Fred Perry

I am stress with my course subjects recently. I like maths when i'm in primary school and i changed my mind now. i hate it. it is so terrible hard and until now i don't really understand. and i hate myself with my laziness attitude. i skipped class in previously and some lesson that lecturer taught, i duno..

I can smell the examination day already! It's so close. Just a few weeks left and i am going to sit for exam in this semester! A part of me wants to just rest and do nothing during the holidays. But the other part of me wants to do everything. I do have a lot of things planned out for my sem breaks week though - collaborating with my dearest friend, doing things that i had planned, and many more. Kind of excited for my holidays. But right now, I'm really tired from college and my subjects that i do not know. Zzzz Reminding myself that I'm almost dead soonnn. Very soon!!

Btw, Here's one of my new favourite outfit how i am going to wear in the simple way when im hang out with bunch of my fellow friends.. Date? Maybe for those who had taken except me.. I am waiting for my true love.. HAHAHA jokingg~~ This tee is one of the cutest top LOL. Also, this skirt is surely going to be overused by me. It's so lovely and simple, just the way I like my clothes, really.

Taking photo of myself or maybe with friends are having lots of happiness but when it comes to study, there's no happiness but stressing ourselves until the coming examination. I hoping i could pass all of the subjects in this semester.. GOD BLESS!!!

And again, end with a PSY new song.. MOTHER FATHER GENTLEMAN!! I LIKE IT SO MUCHHHH!!!!! PSY GENTLEMAN SONG IS SO AWESOME!!! When i heard the song without the mv i dont like it, like duhh.., what song is this but when the mv appear and I started in love with it. DAMN AWESOME!!!!

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