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Heaven Gate Penang
I am so happy to know another new restaurant opened in Penang, called HEAVEN GATE. A very special name who had named it for their restaurant. Penang is so small and if you are a penangites, you almost have already tried out most places I bet.

Well, last Tuesday, friends and i were planned to go for lunch and i suggested to Heaven Gate since i always failed to go there. I had been there for fourth times but i'm failed to dine in. And again, i decided to give it a try :) let's see how it goes with bunch of college friends around.  and yeah, i can stepped in to Heaven Gate happily and we were the second customers.

(please do not mind with the quality of every image. kinda not in a good quality. lol pictures were taken with Samsung Galaxy SIII & Iphone 4)

Heaven Gate setting is inspired by various statues and significant places in Italy and France. The owner was a tour guide and while travelling, he captured the design and feeling of the places while travelling and now he comes up with this restaurant bringing the feeling back to us.

There are two menus in Heaven Gate. One is for their lunch set and another one is the dinner menu (forgotten to capture their menu D:)
Business hour : Monday - Sunday 11.45am - 12:00 midnight/1:00 am
 For any reservation, call up the Manager +6017 4145 945

The cosy, romantic-ish set-up + Rainbow bar

Some of the set-ups that drew our attention. 
A very nice place and a comfortable place for us to chill :)

Its a double storey restaurant. The second floor is the chilling area. A lil lounge with live band and cocktails, a total relaxing environment after your working hour.

These are the set lunch that we ordered : It is also include beverage and deserts. ONLY RM12.90

except these. these are the  ala carte, cost RM13.90

I don't remember the name of the foods but they taste good and delicious. Again, it comes with fresh salad and garlic bread. but we failed to finish the garlic bread / salad. LOL


(i am speechless zzz)

Silly looks here

Tracy Tan

and ME @@ with a ugly face

Heaven Gate Restaurant at King Street, Penang 
Location: King Street, Penang. ( GPS if you do not know where is it. It is around the esplanade which you can see a clock in the middle of the round about.. and turn right and you can see HSBC BANK in front. GPS is a better choice cause i hardly find the way out too.. )
Direction: Located few shops away from The Sire.

Price are reasonably cheap.
My Ratings: 6/10 (because it ain't full)

Have a try :)

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