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AHMO Cafe Penang
Last two weeks ago, which is in Saturday!! You know lah, Saturday wor.. Can't stay at home doing nothing right? It is a day to relax and chill okay!! May came up with this idea, she thinks we girls should meet each other up. It's been awhile we never meet each other, chit chat with each other like in the high school etc. Missed the days in high school. Having so much fun!!! May and i were planned to Heaven Gates since we haven't been there before but IT'S FULL HOUSE!!!!! OMGG!!!

Where should we goo????

Everything comes with PLAN B, K :D Who don't plan except guys!!! Guys hate to plan so muchh.. I do not know others but my male friends around me always ask me to plan plan plan!!!! Zzzz

WHAT IS THE PLAN B?? AHMO CAFE? Have you been heard this cafe before? Don't know? let's take a break and read my blog then :) The girls haven't been AHMO CAFE TOO,so do i.

We takes couple of time to find AH MO CAFE because the GPS doesn't show the exactly place we want to go. It stopped at Jalan Irrawady only. Round for three times but failed until we wanna give up, it appear in front of us. HAHAHAHA*

So we reached to AHMO Cafe. A new restaurant that i found in town. Just somewhere along Harvest Inn and opposite La France.

This is how AHMO cafe looks like :) 

The menu of AHMO Cafe. 

This is YISEAN!!
We forgot to take pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PHOTOS OF US D:

Ambiance is really nice. Surrounding and environment and absolutely everything from service, to furniture are absolute wonderful.

We sit over here because it is FULL HOUSE inside =.= Should've reserved the table.. ZZZZ I can't snap pictures inside.. D:

These is what we ordered :

So, anyways, food is cheap! Like really, really cheap! One thing for sure is their drinks sucks to the max! Is bloody hell expensive!!!

PLUS, there is NO addtional service charge or government tax. AWESOME!!!

I will suggest you to dine in one day, because almost all of their food tasted delicious, and the taste is kinda special with variety of main course to choose from either seafood, chicken, pasta, beef, burgers and sandwiches, lamb and so on. They provide prompt service when you need their assistance but i dislike their sauce. like once u eat the first time, taste ok but when u eat another time n so on, it doesnt not taste good. i mean the sauce. i do not know how to describe it.. you may try it :D

Click here for the map to show you where AHMO Cafe located :)

Call for reservation AHMO because it always full with customers.
AHMO Address : No. 2, Irrawady Road 10050 Pulau Pinang.
Contact: 04-229 9223
Business Hour: Lunch 11am to 3pm / Dinner 6pm to 10pm  & Closed on Sunday

Had a great outings/gathering today with my girls. It had been such a long I never meet them so finally we got da time to meet :D Highly recommend this Cafe to those couple or friends for dining  hahaha since the environment really good and the food they served taste really good. Is different with those what we had western food. Taste so special!

Pictures look sucks!!! I NEED CAMERA!! But im lazy to carry the DSLR/Compact Canon Camera everywhere i go.. ISH!!! I need small size camera but I POKAI!!!! Anyone wanna sell their camera? Cheap and can take nice picture with high quality & HD. Leave me an email :D

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