Sunday, March 3, 2013@11:49 AM
19th Birthday, 3rd March
Here's come a day for me to blow candle. (but couldn't blow candle for this year. only for chinese? maybe~?) Birthdays are pretty awesome to me. How my friends giving me a big surprise and all i have to do is just sitting down and let's others plan for me. Like a Queen who don't have to do anything and serving with a maid with a tea. loll lol lol~~ I do however, love celebrating other people's birthdays though. Whenever February comes to an end and the next month on March slowly creeps in, I can't help but cringe at the thought knowing my birthday is around the corner. Ok, so the fact that I'm a year older now but doesn't actually upset me as much as I tell my friend's about that. I've been asking myself a lot of questions about this 'birthday' topic. like, "Why i have to born in March but not December?", "How they are going to celebrate with me?" and "Should i act nothing on my birthday or keep reminding people my birthday is around the corner?" I dwelled on these idle thoughts but couldn't really find out the answers to those questions. So I turned to friends, feeling with a little dumb for not going to friends for answers at the start. When they spoke to me, all I felt was calmness and genuine happiness. They told me this : Birthday's are supposed to be celebrated, and we should be excited and happy about it. Birthdays are reminders to us in our life. We were born on this day not by accident but because we have amazing plans for us in this journey. This how to spend our daily for our life.  And again, i thought no one here to celebrate my birthday and it comes the ladies of my bestie said "YOUR HIGHNESS. DO YOU MIND TO GO DINNER WITH ME ON THIS COMING SUNDAY? PLEASE?" haha.. how cute she is..

Parents love is the greatest gift you will ever receive. No one else can give life, except the creator of the heavens and earth. It's the best birthday present if you think about it that way. I should be thankful for every year family and friends around me to celebrate my birthday and also keep remind me a word called unforgettable. How good they are treating me in my life. I can't live without them

So yeah. Today is my birthday. And I am thankful there is breath in me for another year.

How do you expect me to remember your birthday, when you never look any older? happy birthday to myself!!!

Here's one of the part celebrating with my family post and I still have three more birthday post I haven blog and also the pressie blog post. (but i guess i will blog only one lah.. i know how you all treat me will do)

This year we had Chinese food dine @ Mary's Garden, Straits Quey. My sister is the one who help me to pick and taste before she bring me there.. What a lovely sister huh? I'm not a fine dining person,I mean I don't really know how to appreciate food because i used to waste them (i mean i can't finish them lah) I always think that the portion is small and it's really expensive!!! BUT, I think it's fine to have it once awhile kua?, as in having it in an important day to make it memorable?~~..

And so, it is my first time dining at Mary's Garden.. Wonder why we went there? Because of Mary name.. LOL!!! Hahaha!! This is what my sister used to told me that day..

Mary's Garden services quite friendly and their place are very comfortable place and the food price is medium-high cost depends on what you order lah, right? Very nice to eat over there with family members in this feeling.. Can consider to go there..

Nice place right? See how they decorate.. They just open for few weeks ago..

Can even see the seaside outside :D

There are Chinese and English language for menu.. So for those who don't understand English, can use Chinese menu to order it :D

While waiting for the foods to arrive, we took a few of pictures...


Lastly our family picture except my elder sister..

Do not know what to write anymore.. no idea what to craps in this post so that's all for today lah :D Okay, I will do a blog post for presents that I received!!! SOOoooo stay tuned!!!!

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