Monday, February 25, 2013@8:05 PM
Something that goes through my mind
I have been very sleepy lately. Besides going for classes, I often find myself lying on the bed staring at my phone (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). So useless. doing nothing at alll~ When I can use the time to check something off my to-do-list. Okay, constantly. I feel lazy all the time! I guess my health isn't as pink as before when I used to be more active in sports and doing revision after the class.. Writing this makes me realize... I haven't done any exercise for a long time!!! Okay that is. So after today, I'm going to (try to) do exercise.. Badminton, bicycle! I am coming for you!! and somebody please remind me to do more revision okay?? I will do!! (We'll see about that) haha.

taken by yours truly

Btw, I wore this actually for X'mas but my sister said, it looks weird wearing this.. (idontknow).. Maybe? or neh? Anyway, It's really simple and lovely. Also, I've never really seen myself wearing anything on my head.. LOL! Plus, perfectly for covering dark roots.. Haha..

In addition, something pops out my mind.. I don't know how many bloggers out there feel this, but I'm pretty sure there are a lot of them who feel this way lah. Writing about it just to get it off my mind. So this is how I feel. As a blogger, I strive for 'perfection' in my posts (i don't have). I am always trying to come up with creative ideas and photos that will 'please' the audiences eyes, like "wow!". I don't know who reads my blog but I do check my statistics and the numbers are growing day by day. People from around the world do visits my blog. I feel so happy about the statistics grow even more. Yes, I admit it. i am happy..  And also, I felt inspired in one way or another. But sometimes.. When I am tired, I don't have any inspiration. I try to 'force' myself to crack something up but i can't!! Again and again, I need my rest. My 'off days'. Sometimes I cry because it is all so overwhelming.. It feels like I'm in a race to finish first. And this race is never endddd~~ And I'm competing with myself. How weird is that!

So yeah. I just thought I'd share something that has been in my mind for quite a long time. I still don't know who is reading this and who might stumble upon it. But, it doesn't matter. I don't want to get caught up with silly blog statistics. I didn't start this blog that way! I started blogging because I wanted to share things that gave me inspiration. And this blog is a personal diary that has been opened to the world because I want to share something that i had been through and my life lessons that I go through. hopefully I get to touch someone out there who is going through the same problem.

Hopefully i get more inspiration while blogging here.. wink*

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