Friday, February 15, 2013@11:49 PM
Hey there.. A short fashion update before I back to college.. I guess, everyone gonna back to school and work d har? Can I have more holiday pleaseeeeeee?? More chinese new year feeling too lah! Time past for fast.. One week holiday gonna end soon.. Btw, How's your CNY celebration? I guess some of you here already back to college and work har?.. Pity for those who are working in CNY season but never mind lah.. got triple pay right?

Mine was like, normal.. how i spend my daily life, and that's how i spend my cny.. cause some relatives and cousin of mine are out of state as i told you in previous post.. i even get a few ang pao this year but compared to last year, i get more than 1k!!! damn!! :(.. Is quite disappointing for this year. I don't really have much cny mood at all.. I don't know why :(

"What I wear, is just how I feel. No matter how I wear, just always me that you always seen. Catch me up, and you will see more about me."

Okay, i crap too much ><

anyway, here's my outfit of the day..
For those who followed me on instagram&facebook, i guess you all had been saw what i gonna wear right?

This >>>

Simple Polo Tee from Polo Club and blacky shorts from unamed*

but end up i changed!

Change it into a casual yet stylish look? Black and Blue like how Big Bang sing, "I'm singing my blueees~~" A clothes that looks simple that can turn into stylish style. So here's how I paired up my black singlet and my blackie jeans with blue jeans. For those who is lazy to dress up, here's the easy way to dress up yourself. Easily dress up myself where ever I go. I even touch up my lips with red lips stick to look more me. LOL!! WHAT AM I GONNA DESCRIBE HUH? forget about it..


Jeans from Topshop
Black Singlet from Uniqlo
Blackie Pants from Unamed*
Shoes from H&M
Belt from Padini Concept Store
Heart Shape necklace from someone who present it for me :)
Bracelet bought it from Paradigm Mall@KL (forget the name of the shop :/)

Follow me on instagram to see more pictures in live before i blogged about it :D
My username is Maryy_cheese
See you there, kay?

That's all for today..
Have a great Chinese New Year for this week and enjoy your life before holiday ends. 
Monday is coming soon so I gonna back to my books now because i having IT test on monday :/
Gotta go.. 
Bye everyone.. 
See you in next postttt~~!! :D

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