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Star Cruise Superstar Gemini
Here I come, Star Cruise Superstar Gemini. It is the last day before Star Cruise Gemini goes to Singapore.. So, I take this chance to went there with my friend for having fun..

I also meet many different people that they are pro-photographers, experienced editors, millionaire, and those weirdo peoples, who are cool! They are very energetic while they are enjoying to travel! I am really excited with it! Haha.

Here it comes the day on Wednesday!! It's a day where I go to Star Cruise Superstar Gemini and can fully relax myself since tomorrow (THURSDAY) it's a holiday of HAJI!! No college, nothing to do :) WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~!!!! And while seeing my picture on mine above, I feel like dye my hair again but my hair it's dry so badly now :( Arghhh!! Everyone tells me, "IT IS NOT THE RIGHT TIME TO DYE UNTIL YOUR HAIR LOOKS PERFECTLY LIKE LAST TIME!!" I am missing my previous hair with good condition when I were young.. No dye hair or even perming my hair.. Looks so healthy but now :( HAIZZZ!! I hope my hair roots not to grow so fast until the Chinese New Year ends, if not, I am gonna look ugly with every picture I take that time so please be good to me ><

So today my post gonna full with pictures that I took there... So be prepare to scroll  down lah :D

I am arrived!!

See those beatiful skies telling me, it's my lucky day today :)

So happy i get to go again... It's my second time I were on a Star Cruise.. The first time I were there when I am super duper unhappy because my relationship turns into complicated status :/ I cried so badly and no mood to play at all.. Feel stupid when I am thinking back to the past.. LOL!! Back to the topic, I can't wait to crossed over the ship lah!! I were really excited!

Hello, Star Cruise Superstar Gemini :) 
While I am acrossing, my friend told me do not ask them to take picture of you because it cost money but they suddenly hold my hand and a friendly hug from "A MOU KAO" to takes picture with them that does not counts any money and they said, i look pretty!! Am I? PAISEH*PAISEH* lah :D but the picture is not with me D: Can't show how handsome is that "A MOU KAO" looks like D:

Friend of my friend's younger sister..

This is two single beds @ Deck 6
The bedroom of us.. Comfortable room but I think my room is triple bigger than this.. HAHAHA!! Not comparing but saying for fun lah :D What we see outside from the window is the view!! How I wish my room can see this kind of view but I know it won't happen!! "STOP DREAMING, MARY" said myself. LOL!LOL! So I were enjoying the view with those selca photo I took.. Scroll down to see more :D

Check in cards

I accidentally make the side darker so that you can spot the blue view there :D

I know you all  will feel sweat with my vain pictures and i know you all can't really see the view behind me D:

Chatting with my friends through watapps, inbox and text before I have no line to ask people to rescue me.. HAHAHAHA!! JOKING LAH!! 

By the way, most of you are curious how the wash room looks like right? Here you are :D

Nothing much special on the toilet lah but i like how they design it :) We never even touch the shower because nobody will cleanse themselves with coldwater like me lah so I wore the same clothes from yesterday till today morning.. HAHAHAHA

Last but not least, are foods.. I don't really take picture about the restaurant I went lah because too much peoples and I wait until pek cik with grumpy faces :/ Waited from 715pm until 845pm =.= So I went to level 9 to ate a few foods there first..

TENGOK CANTIK TETAPI MAKAN TIDAK SEDAP LANGSUNG!!! :/ Especially the Spaghetti, so I recommend you to go to level 11 if you want to eat Chinese foods.. If they said, it is the same and go to level 9 if you do not want to wait, don't even care.. Just Wait!! because the foods there are totally different than level 9 and it is more better if you are VIP!! LAGI BEST :D

If you are curious about the restaurant, there are six restaurants; Dynasty Restaurant - Chinese, Mariners Restaurant - International Buffet, Taipan Restaurant - Chinese Ala Carte, Oceania BBQ - Restaurant Open Deck, Blue Lagoon - Ala Carte Outlet/Fast Casual, Bella Vista Restaurant - Fine Dining Restaurant. My mom and I already explore all restaurants, so I recommend you to Dynasty Restaurant, the want that I just mentioned above and Bella Vista Restaurant are best! Why? Because their food are delicious, cause many people queued so long there!! and wait so long too =.=''

Finally this post has come to an end. I gonna say Thank You to my readers if you had read until this part because I am quite lazy to read those blog with super duper long long post + words. Pretty thanks to all of you who read until the end :)

(Arghhh.. my hair is so messy over here :/ and Imma thinking should I cut short my fridge?)
I guess, that's all about Star Cruise Superstar Gemini's post and I am so regret not to take picture while I'm the ship with pretty views around.. but never mind, if i add those pictures here, it gonna be a long long post until nobosy will read it :)

Bye bye.. See you for the upcoming post :)

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