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Phone Cases Collections
Hellooo everybody.. I am so bored today.. and I do not know what to blog since I did not go anywhere today.. Well, I guess is time to show you my phone cases collection since I never blogged about it before and someone requested me to blogged about it.. So, yay! Today I'm here to blog about it! I didn't expect people would actually wanna know that.. :D It might shocked you all out or maybe no?

Here it is. My phone cases collections :)
This is my current phone case that I always carry by my side.And is it my puppy doll? Yeah.. Cute mou? Okay. back to the topic~~.. Nowadays, I feel it looks nicer to bring a cover phone case because nowadays keep on raining and my phone always kena water.. Do you know that our device will spoilt because of water damaged? So it's better to buy a phone cover cases to protect your phone because everyone loves to message, IM each other.

One of the reasons why I love going to shopping mall is because I love looking at all of the phone cases stalls. I will dropped by at all of the phone case stalls to check out whether there's any new cases available there and my friends started to say, "MARY, YOU HAVE A LOTS OF PHONE CASES ADY. STOP BUYING THEM NOW" and also with my family, they will say "Again? Arghhh.. Stop it!!" Then I really stop looking them and walk to other side.. D: Sometimes my friends take picture for me when they were in the night market with those pretty cases that were selling there.. They sengaja want.. Damn it.. When I asked them to buy one for me, they started to say, "OKAY, CHARGE RM5 FOR THE SERVICE CHARGE AND ANOTHER RM5 FOR THE TAX" Damn geram with them sometimes!! But they will buy atleast one for me lah and sometimes they got me free :D

and today, I am shocked with those cases when I was cleaning my drawer because CHINESE NEW YEAR IS AROUND THE CORNER!!! I realized I have too much of phone cases now D: but still I can't stop buying them D: What should I do now? and now, I started to plan to buy Samsung Galaxy 4 device which is the new device that haven't release yet / coming soon.. What if I buy another device? Getting more and more cases? OHMYGOD!! Well, maybe compared to some of you it’s just a little la… but my family and my friends won't stop complaining whenever I walk into a stall that sells phone cases D:

So, this is my phone case collection… Most of my cases I got in online boutique because it’s super cheap and reasonable there.

Phone Cases Collection 2

Phone Cases Collection  3

My favourite iPhone Cases!!! 
(Never use before at all :/ )
As you guys know that I used iPhone before I changed it to Samsung Galaxy S3

Phone Cases Collection 5

It is one of my favourite phone cases with those pearl white around the cases.. o.O

Phone Cases Collection 6
Actually my iPhone cases are more than it but I am too kind to give some of them to my sister and my friends D: Now I am super duper regret lah :'( but as long as they keep them safe and take good care with it :D

Phone Cases Collection 7

Phone Cases Collection 8 
This is how my current Samsung Galaxy 3 cover looks like, super nice and simple! and it is super duper comfortable whenever I take it because I feel safe to carry my phone under da raining season. I got the red ribbon pluggy that I bought in Virgo Boutique from Facebook The service okay lah :D Most of the people who see my phone, they go, “Wow, another new phone case for your phonie now and pretty pluggy.” hahaha :D

Phone Cases Collection 9 
(Never use before at all :/ )

Phone Cases Collection 10 
(Never use before at all :/ )

(Never use before at all :/ )

(Never use before at all :/ )

(Never use before at all :/ )
Other than that, these are my iPhone and also my Samsung's pluggy "D

So, I'm here to tell you, don't ever buy a phone cases that is expensive in other place and some are selling it at around RM48 per case with normal casing like my collection 2. .. They look the same and it is not an original brand.. Do you know why? Because they want to earn money lur.. I can get a phone case cheaper than the stall one.. I am talking about those that are of better quality or prettier ones. 

This is my current phone case that I am using nowadays. I capture a few shot.. LOL. I got it at RM68 and those shops sells around RM80++ 

Took my camera to closed the red ribbon pluggy up since I have nothing to do today :D

This is the Back 1.. Can you see the quality of the case?

and even take it as a card holder so you don't have to bring your purse where ever you go.. JOKING LAH!! XD

Again with my red phone case here :)
And this, This is how my phone look like in Chinese New Year festival. Got Chinese New Year feeling mou? Super cool and unique?!! I got the silver pluggy and along with this red phone case that I get it from I.Licious Phone Boutique. Most of the people who see my phone, they go, “Waw Mary, now your phone can kill me liao with those Chinese New Year feeling!!!.” hahaha

Nice mou my silver pluggy? Suit my Red Red phone case, anot?

In addition, I got several site to get my phone cases in Facebook..
1. Apple TwoYou
This is the first site that I got my phone cases but they are stop selling cases now D:
2. The Apple Tree
I got my pearl white phone case there.. You can PM them with those pretty cases :D Free shipping is applicable for order above RM100 in a single transaction/receipt ( Not included shipping fee )
3. Apple PiePie
Super Duper good service treating with their customers.. Grab your fabulous cases by e-mailing them at applepie1820@gmail.com together with the item code, your name, address, hp number and e-mail or inbox them lah.
4. i.Licious Phone Boutique
As I said above, this is one of the phone boutique that I always "pong can" them / be their custormer to buy cases. Supply high Quality and Unique cloths for your smartphone now!!
5. Luxury Phone Boutique
Less going to this boutique to buy cases from them but they are friendly and very fast respond :D
6. Melody House
Melody provide different kinds of phone cases like iPhone4,4s,5, Samsung s2,3,Note,Note2 and many more and along with those pluggies.
7.Glam Cases for Iphone 4
Brings you the most glamourous with high quality cases
8. Paris Princesse Phone Boutique 巴黎公主壳子铺
Samsung Galaxy & iPhone cases, accessories

They have a few ready stocks items too so do check these phone boutique that I had listed above bah :D and hey, they are not sending any parcel till end of CNY. Due to the delay and everything lah.. Maybe you can try to PM them for more information :D So please make sure you get 1 or 2 new clothes for your phone to look pretty/handsome with your phonie!!!

Happy Shopping with them :D

Go LIKE their FB page to see more their updates from them now :D
That's all for today :)

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