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Friendship forever?
Let’s Talk About Friend, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Best friend and Family.. WHEN I SPEAK, LISTEN!! LISTEN!! LISTEN!! LOL.. (HAHAHA)

Do everyone seen this before? I guess most of you here see everytime on Facebook right? If no, then you can see it now :D

Many people say true friends are hard to find.But I know I'm not that kind. They come and go and sometimes leave us behind. Like a wind that passes by when you need a friend that you can depend.You can count on me because you're my best friend.  Good things may come and then bad things may go.Like a birth a long time ago.You're like the ship that's sailing across the sea.To the waves that's so unkind. i miss all about our friendship :)

Well most of you, have friends, right? Don't ever tell me you don't have because everyone sure has at least one friend that always mix together... If you are lucky you have multiple friends too.. But of course depend on what kind of friends you are having. Different types of friends exist, each with their own respective pluses and minuses. Some are good for favours, some are good for laughs, and some are good for nothing. Some are conceited assholes who write nonsense humorous blogs or complaining things in Facebook (everyone likes to do that =.= ) and expect everyone to read them and get pissed at the world upset when no one is reading his/her their blog / status. There are five types of friends. Let’s see together...

1. The friend that you can count on :D
Let me tell you now!! The friend that you can count on is means that the friend can help you or something like sharing problems with each an other.. Favours are pretty much guaranteed, as long as they are reasonable (be careful not to abuse your lab or it will turn on you). These are the friends you call when you lock your keys out of your car at 4AM in a sketchy neighbourhood, and you are by yourself because someone in the bar pissed you off and you phone your friend to help you up and he/she never think about it, and lend his/her hands for you. And also, when you're feeling down and your heart is hurt.You can call on them and they will be there for you.

2. The party friend
Party friends? It means that you go to the party and all of them are your friends.. Can talk, can laugh, and everything but they might forget you after the party ends.. This is how party friend called.. There's no real friends in party except you make a phone call to the party friend to find out a friend to accompany you..

3. The funny friend
Having a bad day? You poor baby.. Don’t fear, your funny friend is here! Ready with jokes and witty comments about that creepy guy/gurls sitting next to you, the funny friend is at your comedic service. He/she will certainly lift your mood, unless you are dead inside, then you are pretty much screwed. Saying something stupid but looks funny till no moody mood for yourself.

4. The good listener
You are sick so you have to go to clinic to look for a doctor but what if you are down? Who would help you up? Of course friends lah.. or maybe family? If it is a friend, this friend will let you talk and talk and talk and talk and talk until your mouth falls off and you have to pick it up off the ground and sew it back on so you can keep talking. The great thing about this friend is that he/she will listen for as long as you need, then offer an advice, but you don’t have to listen, because he/she is your friend, and who wants advice from your friends anyway? I mean, what do they know anyway? That’s what mistakes are for. But sometimes they have their own point while giving you their advice/comments.. Of course you don't have to hear them but listen half of them.. Nothing can change your mind no matter how good the listener gave you an advice, right? This is why we called as a good listener.. Good friends always lend their hears for their good friends to listen everything that they want to share..

5. Best friend: Your best friend
You have known this guy/girl since you were little, and off and on, through thick and thin, you two have remained friends. You may even refer to this person as your brother or sister. They may also be any combination of the above mentioned friends, but above all, they are your best friend. You share, you kiss them, you shop with them and eveything that you did before with your bestie.. I have best friend who always be with me no matter what.. I love them and they love me.. I do appreciate them as my beloved so I treat them like my own sisters because best friEND will end ma :D and remember that your best friend knows EVERYTHING about you.

So what if your friend betrayal you? You were saying something bad to them like Stupid as a joke but they take it so fucking serious and started to mad at you.. Then, she/he was pissed off and write about you in her/his Facebook status..

LOL!! It is a stupid action right?

So if your friend treat you in this way, better don't close with them anymore lur. Kidda disappointed YOU KOWN??!!!

Because I treat everyone pretty nice and friendly and I just say something and "IT" started mad on me.. "IT" write it on "IT" facebook..

Write until so terrible like I owe him/her!!! I do not know what is happening until my other friends ask me and prove what "IT" had write to me..

TOTALLY DISAPPOINTED LAH!!! WTF YOU DID THIS TO ME?? FUCKING BITCH!!! So childish with your action.. Please respect me when I am respecting you, okay? Since when I am showing off with my stuff?? Zaaa... Did I say I am rich?? STFU, okay =.=

Hate a person that I treat her/him right and she/he do not know how to respect back =.= THUMBS UP FOR YOU LAH :D Do everything that don't ever ask me for help again =.=

So be ware with your friends around you..

My fridge is too long lah.. Should I cut them off?

Back to da topic.. I'm sorry as I affected your life. But I bet you will write me again and I can't wait to see your next status.. STFU, BITCH!! You hate people but still need their help? GET LOST, F**K YOU!!!!!!!!! Not appreciated for hater but thank you for your effort because you are talking about me in your status and telling everyone you are more to da bitch than I!!! lol. You hate me now? So what? Let you hate me lahh!!! Why should I afraid for? I can do everything by myself.. Don't tell me you're not hating me when you need me.. I do not regret to know you because I can see the real you now.. TSK*TSK*TSK*

Okay the most interesting part. >>>> She said "I talk with a male friend and you said, I am "KI HIAO" but what about you? Hanging out with a groups of male friends? Don't ever think you are always right!!!! Not everyone likes your rich people attitude okay!!!" She do not know what is called jokes, is it? Just say nia but you take it so FUCKING SERIOUS???  I am not sure whether I am right or wrong but I can say that you are wrong bitch!! Because you do not know me well.. If you did, you will never ever write this to your friend... Zaaa..

Everything doest't make sense at all. Just write something shit on your status. You're severely disappointed on me. Think before you write lah.. WHO ARE THE ONE WHO HELP YOU? WHO ARE THE ONE WHO TEACH YOU AND EXPLAIN FOR YOU WHENEVER YOU DO NOT KNOW?? WHO ARE THE ONE WHO FETCH YOU EVERYWHERE?? WHO ARE THE ONE TREAT YOU RIGHT?? Fine!! Fine!! Fine!!! I am kind, I don't want to ruin you here.. ZZzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZ =.=

Thank you the way you treat me.. I am blessed to be your friend :D

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