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Move on
Hello my friend.. I am so down when I am seeing my friend is so moody all the time thinking about her partner that does not respond anything with her. It's sad to see how she is suffering right now.. I know how she feel right now, is like the year past broke with my partner that had been with each other for a year plus.. I'm not an expert on this but I've been through with this. I am not sure what is my friend's partner thinking now but I hope her partner will get back to her as soon as possible.. I don't know what to say to her in person because I do not what to advise... I afraid I say something bad about her partner but the truth is, her partner not like this..  I hope i can let her feel better than now..

I know it is hurting you like crazy and your heart starting to breaking!! Especially in the night time. You keep thinking and thinking non-stop. You kept thinking about how happy you were with him in precious, kept thinking about how you spending happy time together. You kept thinking about all the things that you had been through with him. And questioning yourself, why he changed and what he is thinking right now. You stalk his FB page hoping to see some status and you kept checking your whatsapp hoping that they still care about you. You text him, hoping that they will chat with you and you guys will get back together like precious time.

I know it hurts. And I can't just tell you to move on just like that! Both of you do everything almost together. You talk about dreams together, gossip together, achieve your dreams together, countless promises,talk about secrets and etc..

But you have to let go your love for him.. You will be hurt if waiting for him to respond, replying your text and all that you did for him even you buy him a birthday present and he does not take it whenever you want to meet him up or something.. I feel down, girl.. I do not know how to help you up with this situation as i do not know how to help myself in precious time but guess what? I am strong enough now and I don't feel like taking a relationship now till a guy who really treat me right n so on. I know you will say, what about a years later? As I said, don't put too much feeling on them.. You can see how they treat you now..

But.. I can say that your partner is not that kind of person compared with your Ex. I do not know why but my feeling tells me that.. i hope I do not see wrongly and feel wrongly too..

The most important is, you should love yourself.. Sweetie, you are lovely..Stay strong, sweetie :)

Do a few activities.. I can accompany you whenever you wan, babe :)

1) Pick up your favourite hobby
Go swimming with kokky and the geng, cycling with me?,  playing badminton, watching your favorite drama

2) Write down your feelings in your diary.
Writting your feelings help to release your feelings.

3) Plan a trip
Traveling receive lots of happiness.. When you're out of the country, you see more things mah!! Waiting for your CNY trip to taiwan yeah, babe :) And soon you will realize that the world is so beautiful that you don't want to miss any moments being sad.

4) Shopping
Dress yourself up! You are pretty as everyone knows about it. When you look good, eventually you will be more confident! And when you're confident, you will be more happy!!!

5) Meet new friends
I know you are meeting new friends now so it helps you to get more happiness and makes you feel the brand new you~~!

It is important to think positive.. Stop listening to sad songs lah!! It will make you feel even more worst, you know? Surround yourself with people that you love and people who love you (like me, your family, and all your friends)! THINK POSITIVE, THINK POSITIVE, THINK POSITIVE!!!!!

Be happy, babe..

Stop tearing apart !

I just want you to know that you're not alone!

You still have your family and friends.

I know that you will not move on cause you think that they will still come back, and you trust them.. but what if he don't?

I had the exact same thoughts last time.

In such a case, you don't need to force yourself too hard to move on. But, in order to win him back, you must at least brush yourself up a little bit right? Who's gonna love you back when you look like a zombie everyday, crying, drunker, and you don't even love yourself?

So, there are a few things that you need to focus on doing now.

I know this is hard but you have to do it if you still want him! A relationship is like a rubber band. The more tension you put on it, the higher the risk that it will break. So, loosen up your relationship a lil bit and try not to contact them for at least 3 weeks.  Throughout these 3 weeks, you need to start learning how to move on and make your life better.

Find something that you've always wanted to do and do it right now!!

You will feel a lil bit crazy in the 1st week but try your best.. I'm here for you, babe!

Also, don't stop yourself from crying or being sad. Once in a while, if you feel like it, just cry your eyes out and eat whatever you want.

Stop listening to all those sad songs and stop stalking him on his FB or check his last seen on watapps or whatever. Cause you don't want to be controlled by your emotions.

Hold on, hold on for just a while. The first few days might be hard but it will not be the same later.

8) Now, start thinking deeply, why he treat you in this way

9) Move On.
Go meet new friends. Meet lots of them! Do more and more things that you love. Love yourself more! You will be alright! The only way to move on is to accept! Accept the fact that he doesn't love you any more and that they're seeing someone else now. Maybe? Accept the fact that you made mistakes cause you tried, tried to hold on to the relationship, tried to appreciate the relationship. Accept. Accept it and be happy!


I chose to believe and appreciate what's happening in the present and to work to create a better future. Don't be afraid of falling in love again. Not all guys are like that though. Give yourself a chance to see the world! The more beautiful world!

I'm not an expert in relationships. I'm just someone who has been through this and it hurt me like hell. You will find someone who is right for you, if he don't!!

Be happy when you're happy! Cry out loud when you're sad! Let everything out from your lovely heart. Grab the rubbish from your heart and put it in the recycle bin..

"Learn from the past, appreciate the present, create the future", this is what you told me before.. Remember?

And most importantly, don't be afraid to fall in love again! You wouldn't have the chance to see a double rainbow without heavy rain :)

Dear my sweetie, I wish you are reading this! You know who am I referring to! I'm gonna be away for a week time! Hope everything will be okay :)

I'm here to suport you, babe :)

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