Thursday, January 10, 2013@4:42 PM
New Semester in College
Summer is ending and students are headed back to school. Everyone started to posted in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even blog about it.. Some said holidays is not enough and some said holidays are too long.. haha.. There are many kind of people here but for me holidays are too short for me.. I had only 3weeks holidays :( Not enough compared for those who in primary school and secondary school. Seems longer than college students. SO UNFAIR!!!!!




UNFAIR!!  :(

When facing a “life is not fair” moment, remember to change your perspective.  Instead of focusing on how unfair the world seems today, focus on how fair our perfect world will be in eternity. (lol, i'm crapping by copied this from my sister status.. haha)

I started my college today (07012012) I guess, most of you who study in college started the same day right or maybe earlier?. My first class in college today seems good and bored with IT course.. I do not understand what the lecturer is crapping in front and yet i felt so sleepy and kept looking the time @@ For second and third day, it was okay for me but the fourth day, was my nightmare!! Class started at 9am till 12pm and we were having break for two hours.. WHERE SHOULD WE GO???!! Damn bored and the next class will be start at 2pm till 5pm.. I am going to be crazy and damn tired.. aRGHHH!!

My skin look like shit now because i am too tired to cleanse my face everytime after reached home yet laying on bed for a nap!! Zaaa.. Stupid!! Whose the one who make this time table for us :/ Damnit!

Everything had started even those stupid assignments and presentations had started also... I don't really understand what is the topic that lecturer gave us for IT!! Anyone knows about it? Please leave me a comment if you know what is the topic saying..

  • Software Development
  • Life Cycle (SDLC) < Stages to create a software >
  • Example, Microsoft Word, HR Application, Payroll Programete
  • About planing
I hope anyone who reading my blog, can give me some opinion and explanation about this topic by commenting here or tweet me in Twitter. Username : maryy_cheese .. Pretty please cause i need help!!

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