Tuesday, January 22, 2013@11:30 PM
Cheers'S Restaurant
Well, well, well, do all of you hang out for dinner after your class end at 5pm / 6pm? Or maybe after your work too? I am so hungry after every class end.. I do not know why my tummy keep asking me to eat and eat right after the class but I am thinking, how am I gonna go back home and eat with those traffic jams all around the place? Cause you know la, penang on weekdays surely jam from 5-7pm right?Who gonna jam for so long? Some more from my college go back to my home will take around an hour plus if it is traffic jam, so I am thinking, why not I have a rest at somewhere restaurant to fill up my tummy? YEA OR NEH FOR YOU ALL?

I have no idea since when I started to hunt for cafes, restaurant, or something who provides foods and drinks because I love chilling with my friends like how I am relaxing in clubbing. Dance whatever I want.. Sit whatever I want. Even open big big legs also no one will be notice it.. Joking!!Joking!! HAHAHAHA! So, rang up my friend for makan after my class..We dropped by to Cheers@Tanjung Bungah..#girlsbeinggirls

Found a nice place to chill in somewhere around Tanjung Bungah till Tanjung Bungah.. Love the feels when winds flow my hair and I feel like no stressing at all!! It is my first time went to Cheers restaurants since all my friends saying the foods are delicious and blah, blah, blah.. So have a try on Monday :)

 Cheers's Menu

 Those Wine around there ^^

I love words and what caught my attention are all the frames of pictures with positive quotes that are found in this restaurant. Especially when I head upstairs (non-smoking section), there are so many of them and look at the cowboy hat on the wall lamp, a creative idea to make it dinner and trendy.

Here's what we had at Cheer's Restaurant :
Vanilla Milkshake

Cheers is a nice restaurant for us to chill, with a good environment, not really cheap for the food lah but nice to eat though.

For those who wanna go to Cheers but do not know where is it, take out your phone and type the address on your GPS to search da place :)
Address : 3X, Jalan Pantai Molek, Tanjung Tokong, 10470 Penang, Malaysia

Cheers Restaurant I voted for 60/100.. It's satisfied for me because it makes me full!! Arghh, now I FEEL SO HUNGRY WHILE BLOGGING FOODS IN MY POST :/ Who wants to accompany me :(

I better go now if not, I gonna hungry like a mad person.. HAHAHA! Alright, that's all for today.. Bye..

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