Sunday, December 9, 2012@7:45 PM
IT IS SUNDAY!!!! and one more day for tomorrow..  so Don't mess with me because I having exam soon!!!

WHY? Because it is my final exam on Tuesday follows by Thursday with two subjects!!! D:

Can I handle with it?

I should give myself confident than negative thinking.. HAHA!! SO, i think i can, I CAN Lah, right?

And finally, tomorrow's the day! =DDD

I had been checking my calendar everyday.. Checking is it close for exam? When I had forget what's the date/day, i straight go nearby and asked people who stand near me, "WHAT'S THE DATE OF TODAY?! Somehow, my dad/mum/sister/frien will replied me "its still very long from your exam.. Don't worry. don't worry.. Relax lah!! LOL but i am so nervous when I see my friends had prepared for their exam but i still doing nothing!! i din even touch my notes yet going out and going out!!!

Do you know hows the feeling when you gan jeong /nervous or not?! Do you know how's the feeling is?! You scared or not? You feel stress? Will you keep thinking how's the exam question?? WH-Questions everywhere!! Okay, fine!

Say for real one, i feel relaxing before this week.. I never feel nervous. I take it as my holiday going out like a boss, spending my money like a boss, find any makanan shop to eat and craps with all my friends. Seriously, i feel super relaxing.. I am thankful who around me who makes me feel relaxing and happy. I am bless to have friends like you all..

But now, i am super duper stressing myself now!!!

Like i am super duper scared about my exam, stress for not finishing reading/memorize my notes, and super duper nervous when i see the date is getting near my exam!!! WTF!!! Lol. I always blame myself, why i don't prepare for earlier than doing last minute work? I always tell myself, "i should prepare earlier for my next exam!!" but still, imma doing last minute work LOL! I guess I should owned a boyfriend so that can control me whatever I am doing / anywhere i go.. Do yo agree with me? Hahaha!! Joking la.. I can't be controlled by someone else. I will dead like a dead woman and getting mad like a crazy girl if im controled by someone else. Even my parents did not control me where ever i go but of course i should report with them.. Saying, "I go out ya..!! haha..

So what now? I am still blogging than preparing for my exam ==

Never mind, i am always expert lah.. (i know my readers will getting mad at me with those PRAISE words here) LOL

But but, i think all of you are expert.. Who say all peoples are fool? Please give yourself confident ^^

Because all expert students do last minutes work. I am not saying myself lah. I see most of my friends always study last minute.. For example, it's exam tomorrow and they only prepared.. Crazy right? So, everyone has their own talent to do their own work, so do me :)

I just feel every people should follow their own way to study for their exam and everything.. Can't be followed from someone else because you had did this way for very long time except the way you do does not work for you. I know everyone wants to get high marks, good grade, good talent, good comments and everything so START DOING YOU WORK NOW!!

But the meaning behind the whole thing is still S.T.U.D.Y life or maybe LOVE is the first place for you?? HAHAHA . I don't knowwwww..

Alright! See you after my exam ends... You can still see my updates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram if you are my fancy lah ") HAHAHA ( i know i don't have fancy :( )
Or maybe you can share with me your pictures and stuff that can makes me feel relax while I am memorizing my notes :)

Can't wait to finish my exam so I can go to shopping to present all Christmas gifts to all my beloved families and friends!!!
Okay okay bye bye! =DDD

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