Friday, December 14, 2012@11:07 AM
My exam is finally over~!

 Helloooooo! Finally I can put aside all my notes, assignments and no more exam for me!!!! I can get 100% rest now!! It has been a pretty tough week because I study for very last minute till I don't have enough sleep at all! I think I slept only 2-4 hours per night on this week, insane. In the week before exam, i started to study from 1pm-2-3am. Crazy huh? I think all of you here don't believe I study for so LONG!! I can't believe myself at all.. Of course I got take time to rest lah.. How could a person do not rest and study for so long? It is very impossible ma. And now, I can totally see my eyebags and face's skin condition getting worse T.T OH MY GOD!!!! I look so ugly now :(

But it is okay if my results can satisfy for me ^^ except Marketing subject. I do not really answer the questions at all. Due to my headache and I have no answers in my brain at all.. Never mind, never mind.. IT IS OVER NOW!!! I'll be having my mid-sem holidays from today onward till 7th of January!! THUMBS UP FOR ME!! I can sleep like there's no tomorrow!!  Woohooo~

Finally I can relax and enjoy my holidays but no travelling for me :( I have to take a good rest so I can recover my sick :( Imma suffering my sick when I were sitting for my final :( Kind of pity for myself but semua tak ada wah eh hati except few friends of mine who still text me for asking me to rest and stop studying.. What a good friend I have.. No regret to have these kind of friends :)

By the way, I can't wait to receive Christmas pressie from all of my friends.. Want to exchange Christmas present? List 6 items for me now :)

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