Friday, December 21, 2012@1:22 PM
Foods are love
December oh December.. What we love about December is all about Christmas!! but we afraid of 21122012. I guess you actually know what I meant about 21122012 right? Is end of the world. O.O Most of us must be very scare so half of it, we are waiting for Christmas party and half of it, we are waiting for the day come to dead :(.. Until the day had passed, we are alive!!! Hell yeah.. So, we are still alive cause end of the world news just fooling around million of peoples in these worlds. I am proud for those who sell everything and used all their money to buy everything they want before end of the world comes.. So, what are you waiting for? No more end of the world and Christmas mood 100% on now!!!

My friend and I went to Who's Bryan @ All Seasons Place, Farlim  Restaurant. I never been there since there's a lot of new shops had opening! Even James Foo Western Food Restaurant.. I guess everyone will be know what is JAMES FOO right? I was wanting to eat James Foo Western Food Restaurant but its crowded and full of peoples are waiting for the seats so we decided to stopped by at Who's Bryan restaurant for makan lah...

Here's some parts of All Seasons Place view.. I know the picture of the quality look sucks cause I used my Samsung Galaxy SIII to captured it :( Forget to take my camera along :( It's kind of a nice place there.. I recommend you to go atleast once in your life :D

Very nice decoration with lights around 

The menu of Who's Bryan looked quite simple yet nice 

These are the Who's Bryan designed and view


I like this guitar picture.. Very proud for the people who draw it though

After eating @ Who's Bryan Restaurant, we also dropped by  to  (forget the shop name) and we ate desert there. It's very small but yet very creative.

The flower is just for decoration and we can eat those seeds inside. Actually it's ain't called seeds. It's oreo with cheese cake.. 

Hope you enjoy my boring post lah :)

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