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Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2
It's a Thursday, 22112012!!! I am so excited with Thursday because there's always new movies pops up!! Some more it's Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 release today!!! I Spent my day with my friends watching Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2!! Twilight Breaking Dawn is so AWESOME!! Super duper Awesome!! I love all the part of this movie. I had watched Twilight from the beginning until now and it is over now D:

The  four previous Twilight films have had any place to go. The world of Twilight is intermittently action-packed, but dramatically static. The story’s central love triangle, mortal Bella, vampire Edward, werewolf Jacob and exists in a state of unconsummated tension on all sides: The purpose of the movies is, in essence, to contemplate the mystery of this holy trinity. Is the part of what I liked about the first four Twilight films

When we last saw Bella, she had finally been changed into a vampire by her long-resistant undead husband, Edward Cullen in a last-ditch effort to save her from dying while giving birth to their monstrously fast-growing half-vampire and half-human child, called as Renesmée. Breaking Dawn, Part 1 ended on the image of Bella’s eyes popping open on the delivery table, changed from brown to a coppery red. Do you remember, guys? As Breaking Dawn, Part 2 begins, we look at the world through those transformed eyes: the pollen on a flower, the down on a bumblebee, all appear in extra-sharp relief. Damsel-in-distress Bella has now become superfast, superstrong, and tireless after she and Edward have vampire sex for the first time, she observes with wonder that she’ll no longer need sleep in even though Cullen's family suprised Bella with the house and da furniture.

I can't forget all the series from the beginning of the Twilight till the end.. Most of you might know the whole story of the Twilight.. The novel of the Twilight tells more details than watching the movie and of course Malaysian cut a lot.. Like in da bed scene, kissing part and things that non-halal for Malaysian. So you properly would not be able to see those parts except asking your friends to download it from oversea or reading the novel of Twilight. :D

One last thing is that, I get this special feeling when they started playing "A Thousand Years". A Thousand Years who sing by Christina Perry Feat Steve Kazee for Twilight Breaking Dawn part 2 this time. I'm in love with this song..

Enjoy listening to this song :D

Before I end, I gonna post my simple dressed up myself.. so my OOTD:

Bye Bye :D

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