Friday, November 16, 2012@12:07 PM
Hi everyone! I’ve very excited this year to be participating in a Christmas Day. Christmas already?!!? You say? Not yet but it is coming soon!! Prepare Christmas gift if you want to make some fabulous handmade gifts for your family and friends, you better get started now! It's our favourite holiday of the year when you can also buy lots of gifts for everyone and receive tons of presents in return on Christmas Day :D

Now it's time to make a list, check it twice,
Figure out who is your beloved friends and close peoples around you.

But here comes the tough part.. what should I get for everyone?

Thinking, Decisions, Thinking,  Decisions..
Sometimes, coming up with ideas for gifts can be extremely vexing!

I guess, it is better if you all mind tell me what you want for Christmas pressie because I won't get headache to figure out what Christmas gift should I give for you all.. :D


A gift for Christmas shouldn't be normal gift. It should be special!!
The gift has to be fun and it has to be memorable!

While making a list for others, don’t forget to make a list for yourself too! Because everybody LOVES presents, so do me.. :D I will present to all my lovely friends for Christmas so are you giving me a gift on Christmas Day?

I had made a Christmas Wishlist for myself.. Here it is :

From the left to the right.

Samsung Smart Camera MV900F
I have wish to have a camera which have a flip camera and its provide wifi and finally I had found it from Samsung!!  Most people nowadays loves to share photos on their social networking websites. For example, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more. I guess, Instagram is the most popular apps nowadays. They’ve always wanted their friends to see what makes them happy or sad, so do me.. We even wanna share the most interesting scene we’ve encountered. I'm tired to resize my picture through my Facebook and then upload it to Instagram / Facebook. Now, Samsung Camera MV900F provides everything. It is easy for us to carry and put it in our bag..

Check this out :

I have own one of the Birkenstock but I still want it because it is so comfortable while wearing on it.. I can choose to match my clothes colours.. LOL!! I finding reason to get another Birkenstock.. zzaaaa.. Still, I wish to get one of it..

Chanel iPad casing for New Ipad..
It is not the real Chanel lah.. Who will buy a Chanel iPad case for iPad? Nobody will buy it except those rich peoples who want their items all branded and so on. I'm not that kind of girl.. I like the white one which those small accessories there.. It is available at Glam Cases for Iphone 4. I'm not sure for the price D:

Ear Pluggy for phones
I love collecting pluggy and paste it on top of my phone... So, it would not looks empty there.. GET ME MORE!!! IT IS AVAILABLE AT i.Licious Phone Boutique or any site that is much cheaper than here.

I had been wishing to get more followers to follow my blog, instagram, twitter and more fans to like my facebook page.. I am glad if you promote my sites to all your friends around you.. PRETTY PLEASE, PEEPS :D

My bags had getting lesser and lesser.. My bags had broken to pieces so I need more bags now!! Handbag, Shoulder bag and mango sling bag :D This bag only cost at RM49!!!

So.... could I have any of the items that I've listed for my Christmas gift above?  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE :D I don't wish for more. I just wish for only six items for my Christmas gift so I hope to get all of these items on Christmas Day. Please don't tear me apart.. I WILL CRY!!!

Merry Christmas in advance everybody! Thank you for reading about my Christmas wishlist, love you all!

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