Sunday, November 11, 2012@11:46 PM
Happy Birthday to Shaun Wong
Yesterday was the day who, we celebrate Shaun's birthday at Gurney Plaza. He was the planner and he was the organiser.. He plan everything but seems there's a few people disagree how he planned and show up emotional face!

I am thankful to Shaun who had invited me to join his birthday party yesterday.. I thought I am unknown people for him and i'm surprise when he invited me to go but still, i'm the last person to know the day of yesterday. LOL!

Never mind.. I did not put it in my heart because i am kind hearted person.. DO YOU KNOW, SHAUN WONG? I know you are reading this as well and started to laugh and saying, "please, i don't think so!" I know what you are thinking, SHAUN! Because i am smart but you still couldn't see any from me. HAHAHA

I'm kind of thick face in front of here now.. LOL

OK!! Skip topic!!!

So let me tell you, how's the day past yesterday..

From the start, we went to Gurney Plaza to meet up Shaun.. We were the first group who had arrived there. No one is arrive yet. They are so late!!! LOL!! Meeting up Shaun at Level 7 where Cinema located.. We discussed what movie to buy and what movie to watch as well.. The finally decision from us are, we watched different movie.. Group 1 (us) watched Cold War and Group 2 (the bitches) watched Skyfall.

Do you know why I am calling them as "THE BITCHES"? Because they do not know how to respect Shaun and they thought, they are awesome and pretty smart than others do.. They act so fake and smile so fake too. We can see cause god gave us both eyes to look at peoples around us. We don't have to prove to anyone but time will prove it to everyone.

So, just wait and see..

Shaun and the bitches watched Skyfall from 0230pm. Everything turns out bad.. Hmm.. Shaun, shaun, shaun.

I felt, they came here for their own outing but not helping Shaun to celebrate his birthday.. It is because Shaun shows us a sad emotional face through the message that he sent.

I do not understand why people do not know how to respect people.. Is it you, yourself is more important than others do? PLEASE RESPECT PEOPLE BEFORE THEY RESPECT YOU BACK..

I do not understand..

I really don't understand why they being so bitches treating Shaun in this way.. DAMN IT!!

We are calling Shaun to joined us for Cold War movie.. We bought him a ticket..

While we were waiting for the show start, we find a place to sat and chit chat about Twilight movie. I know everyone of you here likes Twilight and waiting for the movie to release, Am I right? We were thinking how's the movie will be on that day because we were curious on Bella who had turned into vampire and hows strong is she now.

A second later, we felt time doesn't past so we went in to CYC to play a few games there.. Driving and shooting gun.. It is really fun because we can release our stress from the bottom of our heart that we went through and we never speak out to everyone.. It is the best way to release out everything from your heart..

Okay, when time turns into 430pm sharp, we went in to the room and started to enjoy our movie till the time end.. It is very interested action movie.. I thought this movie was sucks but i am so wrong! It is so interesting even thought i do not understand a few parts. My parents are cantonese "lang" so i can speak cantonese perfectly (opposite)!! i am in level 1 and they were in Grade 8.. It's pretty far from my level.. HAHAHA* I'm a crazy bitch.. A cantonese person, do not really understand cantonese. LOL!

After the movie, we went to Coffee Island for dinner.. Another group came to joined us and we enjoy our foods and drinks with all the laughter around..

And few pictures had taken through my phone but not really good quality because we took picture in da car and at coffee island... We did not really take picture while we were having dinner!!!! REGRETTING NOWW!!

Anyway, Happy Birthday to Shaun Wong even though his birthday had over!

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That's all for today. I hope I won't bored you with those words in this post.. TATA :)

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