Wednesday, October 10, 2012@12:31 AM

What about life? I feel my life is full of boredom.. From better to worst.. or maybe even the same.. I don't think I have a better life for myself. I just felt it.. Sometimes I feel, I have nothing to do at all or maybe doing the same thing everyday and everytime.. It's like a day I always come back from college on Monday till Wednesday, I straight went in to my room and sleep like a dead person and then wake up for dinner + tv time.. Again, back to my sleep for night..

I don't know what I am doing and even what can I have a better time for my life, seriously! Is it life is full of boredom than happiness?

Come on, life! I want something that makes me full of happiness like my friends do.. I don't know why.. Is like I don't want to mix peoples around here.. Can called as, "anti-social". I don't know how to talk much with people that I just met.. No topics and no words to say.. They can talk with me like a closed friend but I just answered what ever they question me.

Am I a weird person? I don't know if you were the person just like me.. But sometimes I want to mix peoples that are different. As well as, peoples that are kind.. No bad hearted, and even people who like to betrayal.. AND PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE. I JUST HATE PEOPLE TALK BAD BEHIND AT ME AND GOOD TO ME WHEN FACE TO FACE..

Seriously, I just hate it.. I heard one of my college friend told me that someone said bad at me when I'm not around.. The person said, I looked so nice with my formal outfit but when I went in front of her, she look like shit..

Am I look so shit for you? Why are you said people that doesn't make sense at all? WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?

I am curious! Why people nowadays likes to crap things that does not make any sense at all.. LOL! Come on!! Just treat people right, okay!

I hope my life is changing like my friends do.. I am super duper thankful with those peoples around me that treat me right.. Peoples who loves you want to see you soar sky-hight but you actually need them to keep you grounded mostly.
So what do you about you life?
So, I wish and wish.. I can change my attitude from the worst to the better one.. I know right.. No people is perfect at all.. I don't think I am perfect too.. So I hope, no people can even affect me when I heard something bad from them.. I'm the person who can affect anything from someone. For example, I want to get an iPhone 5.. I'm waiting for it but my friends and even sister told me, iPhone 5 has nothing to do with it.. It is just the same like iPhone 4s. Nothing special but just a lil bigger with the screen and a lil better with the camera.. I just don't know what to do.. I just stop it and I should change myself!!!

But, I am not surprised when I'm being judged like that every other day. I just accept it.. That's it!! That not everyone is going to be like you. And even if they do like you today, doesn't mean they will still like you tomorrow. Please keep this sentences for yourself.. It is true.. 

I have nothing to talk with my life.. Grrr...
What else to say?? That's why I said, my life is full of boredness.. My life is, go to college, sleep, tv, online, shopping.. JUST NOTHING!! I should have my own hobbies now!! TO HAVE MORE AND MORE FUNCTION FOR MYSELF!!!

Sports, photoshoot when people invited me, hang out with bunch of friends that are new, and many more..

It is the most most most important, is to hang out and do those activities which can makes me and everyone to be happy..

So, keep my mind off and stay happy..
Because I still couldn't forget someone in my mind.. I just don't understand what to do to forget a person.. Even how many peoples are chasing me, I have no idea nor feeling at all.. FEEL BAD =[

Anyway, wish me good luck ba..


I wish to have more peoples to support me!!


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