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Manhattan Fish Market

Omg!!! I am super sleepy and tired right now.. I wake up so late at 11++am just now but I still so sleepy right now.. I were accompanied May Yin to Ju Phing's house for passing her little puppy for Ju Phing.. The puppy is super adorable!!!

May Yin named her as Hak Mui in cantonese (Black sister)
She is so small yet adorable!! Sleep soundly in the car just now.. So cute when we were bringing her to Ju Phing's house.. 

Okay, back to the topic about yesterday life with my bestie..

Gonna post a short one.. I wanna stay update so my readers won't be bored.. I am happy meeting my old friends yesterday.. Its been months we never met but finally we can met up each other yesterday.. Spending our time and hearing lots of stories from May Yin.

We decided to went to Xuan Xin for dinner but there were full of customers. So end up, we went to Manhattan Fish Market. We prefer to chill at a nice place rather than go to a place that are complicated. But hopefully I could go to clubbing again.. I went to club for one once in my life and i am 18 years old now! Can you image how good I am? LOL thick face*

I remember I took quite a lot of pictures but I don't know why I'll be posting only a few here. Most of them are multiple shots and some pictures are no no for me so deleting it and left several pictures in my lappie's picture album now!

The Manhattan's menu.. 
It's pretty awesome design.. I love the way they design.. Feel comfortable while reading it and checking for Manhattan's foods and beverages.

May Yin, the girl

Yi Sean!!
We seldom meet each other from the day we said goodbye to each other when we took our SPM'S RESULT! We do not know when we are gonna meet each other again because she is super duper busy with her assignment cause she taking arts course.. I love her drawing.. MISS HER DRAWING SO MUCH!!

Our drinks!!
Failed to captured in nice shot.. 
(From left to the Right) Ice Lemon Tea - Yi Sean, Cala Cala - Me and (do not what the drinks called) - May Yin

This is my drinks.. 
Is it nice the way I capture? LOL!!

French Fries with Cheese

Grilled Catch Of The Day Regular 
and same goes to Yi Sean.. She ordered the same meals like me.. Never knew about it until it came..

Fish and Chips from May Yin

The sauce
I have nothing to do until I captured them up! LOL!

After eating all of them, we stopped by to Starbucks to chit chat.. Stories telling from May Yin.. She has a lots of stories sharing with us from Chapter 1 until Chapter 5.. Hahaha.. Pretty girl has lots of "fans" which chasing her and she goes crazy.. HAHAHAHA..

Finally pictures of us :

and last but not least, my outfit of the day :

Stay tuned with my next post :D

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