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Having test or getting a marks?

Missed me? I'm back!!!

Sorry for not really update my blog every time because time is important for me and yet to everyone too.. Maybe I can say that, my college life with those assignment and quiz every week we received from our lecturer, make us lack of time. I blame it on them.. Hahaha.. It makes me less doing my favourite things, like shopping, playing, sport and so on. I'm blaming everything on my college life..

I guess you are the one who lack of time too right? Mind share about yours with me?

So, the lecturer was so emotion when those students talk so loudly and copying the notes while having a quiz  last week.. It makes the lecturer angry and started to have test every Monday!!



So preparing for a test is not easy at all.. Have to read through all the important points and memorize it in your mind.. It sounds easy when saying like that but what if, there are two subjects have to prepare on the same day?



Okay!! How to Prepare for Exam or Test or QUIZ?

A big question that you always ask yourself. There are different types of peoples who study in different way. I know, many of you here are so brilliant so don't come and show off with me ya.. HAHAHA!! BECAUSE I AM FOOL =[ Preparing for an exam can be stressful and time-consuming, but it doesn't have to be! By doing a couple simple things ahead of time, you can ensure that you are confident and ready for anything the test throws at you. IT'S TRUE!!

Many of you may be working hard and getting good marks and some of you may not be working hard but still manages to get high marks in exams. Others may be wondering how it happens if they did not prepare any at all... Right? And also there will be a few of you study well but still not able to score well in exams.

I'm the one who having this problem.. I manage my time and divided my time into study time but when I sit for the exam or test/quiz, I have no confident to answer the questions that provided and my results become negative!!!.. I'm dead like how I am doing my quiz questions.. I AM SO WRONG!! I have to be confident with myself not seeing peoples answer or even asking for answers!! I have no idea what I have did.. But, no more for the next time.. I should give myself confident to answer the question although my answer is wrong because I had wrote the right answer but I see my neighbour answer and I get ZERO!! WHAT THE !@#$%^&* is wrong with me, readers =[

So this is the lesson while doing your exam/test/quiz..

The very first thing to address is when to begin. You must sleep enough before you study because your brain needs time to subconsciously digest everything you have put into it, so you cannot try to cram it all in an hour or two before the exam. The best time to start to study is between the evening and night.. You have to study in silent mood!! Maybe you can start study in between morning and early afternoon of the day before your exam too..

But I could not really study at afternoon because I will feel stress and mad like a stupid crazy girl under the hot sun.. Nobody can force me to study in the afternoon except going to college.. LOL

Secondly, read through the entirety of your notes that will be on the exam. Read one by one for each title. Speak the notes out twice and write down in a piece of paper and then repeat the same notes all over again. It will refresh you on the subject matter and help you remember what you had learned.

Don't look on my writting.. ITS MESSY!!

Thirdly, you need to study + written out and divided by topic onto separate pieces of paper. This is the point at which you can begin creating a narrative from the information and indexing it in a way that it can be easily remembered on the day of the exam.

Because the notes from your book might be very long so you have to take out the point only.. It might easily to remember the point. Or maybe you can highlight the point with the highlighter.

As you start memorizing, concentrate on one major theme at a time until you know it well. Once you have the theme and all the information had memorized, you can move on to the next one until you have committed to memory everything you need to know for the exam.

Next, feel confident that you know every notes? Put down your studying and take a break from the subject. The idea is not to try to cram everything at once into your short-term memory. You want to give your brain rest.

For this reason, it is important to start to study at least the day before the exam.

On the day of the exam, set your alarm at least three hours before the test. An hour and a half before the exam, start running through all the notes and sub-topics in your head. Like always, check your notes if you get stuck. You’ll want to try to memorize everything that you have prepared. Before you go to take your test, take a rest In the last few minutes. Stop  thinking about the exam at all. Relax!!

But when it I sit for the test, I have no confident at all.. DO YOU KNOW WHY? BECAUSE I FORGET TO MEMORISE THE TITLE OF THE NOTES THAT I READ!!!!!!! All my notes is in my brain but just I forget to look for the main title so I do not know where to put my answer =[ WHAT A SAD DAY FOR ME!!!! WHAT I WANT FOR MY MARKS IS HIGH BUT ......

I received my marks was...

Pretty sad when I received back my paper!!! I AM NOT SATISFIED WITH MY MARKS!!! GOSH!!! Another test is coming for next week so hoping I get a better marks or else I'm sad to the max!!! IT IS SUPER DUPER EASY QUESTIONS EVER!!

Can you handle being the first to know your own test results? WHAT YOU REACT WHEN YOU RECEIVING YOUR RESULT?

Nervous? Scare? HYPER? Relax? Happy? Whatever emotion is, nothing can do with your result.. I am super duper disappointed with my result NOW but I will try my very best for the next coming test.. Advice myself to do more practice because practice makes everything perfect! Do you agree with me?

By the way,

Anonymous said, "Use your disappointment and feelings of failure to your advantage. just because you didn't get great exam results doesn't mean you're not talented, and now you have a reason to work extra hard to get people to see that."

Anonymous 1 said, “Don’t let a failed exam knock your confidence."

GOT TO GO NOW!! Need to prepare for my assignment now.. See you ^^

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