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Happy Halloween Day
Hello everyone.. I guess most of you are having fun, outing with friends to celebrate Halloween day.. Plus, today is the day for ladies night so I guess there are bunch of peoples are going to clubbing for celebrating Halloween or dating with their couples or so on.. But I'm alone at home blogging in front of my lappie =[

 "I am lonely lonely lonely. I am lonely lonely in my life. I am lonely lonely lonely. God help me help me to survive!" by Nana

Everyone was making halloween post and sharing pictures on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, makes me wanna try to make a halloween post right now, but i didn't know what to write actually, so i google about Halloween pictures and I found this scary pictures. These pictures helps me to describes everything and I know what to blog about it now =]

I attempted the pictures and paste it here O.o So ya, even thought I couldn't celebrate my Halloween day, but I guess I am satisfied seeing this scary pictures in front of me! =.= IT'S SCARY FOR ME but it's creative with their make up, outfit and the way that took these shot! I hopping, I don't have any nightmare tonight!! Im afraid dreaming scary dream on midnight yet nobody is there.. Stay alone at room and face to the wall.. HAHAHA

And I found out one of the quote through Twitter, saying :
"As spirits roam the neighborhoods at night,
Let loose upon the Earth till it be light" -by Nicholas Gordon

Halloween has finally arrived and I can honestly say that I think this year’s festivities are going to super duper best since so many peoples are preparing with their Halloween's make up. I guess you could say I’m a very excited about it. As I make the final preparations for my Halloween spectacle this evening, my thoughts turn to the real stars of the holiday. Seriously, I can admit that I can't wait for the time to go clubbing tonight to enjoy my Halloween day but sadly, I'm the only girl among with my bunch of guy friends and I do not know who are they for the half peoples so I rather stay at home doing nothing. LOL!! I'm glad that I received a text from someone who keep asking me to go since I had rejected someone from yesterday.. FUNNY PEOPLE THAT I MET AGAIN.

I do not celebrate my Halloween day every year but unlike this year. I am so interesting to go to club and spend my Halloween night with my brand new friends and my old old friends that we not recently meet each other but planning failed to the max!! I am so so disappointed today! Planning failed and what I wish to do also failed.. One sentences I would like to describe is, EVERYTHING HAD FAILED TO THE MAX!!

I'm proud with other country like, Australia, Perth and so on.. They celebrate their Halloween in different way. Unlike us!! We celebrate our Halloween in clubbing and some of them go to party.. For them, a lot of little people will be visiting their home with wishing and surprising.  The child or teenager will grabbing more than one piece of candy and wishing something with every neighbour houses. They even dressed up a costume at the night with everyone in Halloween day!

It is so fun when hearing this news from my cousins who were living at Perth when they are young.. I am so envy!!

Which brings me to our fears…I suggested myself to live it up as though in the world and fly to different country with my family, boyfie (if i can get 80% perfect guy in front of me) and my bestie.. You will know how much fun it is, going trips with your family, boyfie and bestie if I've the chance. Like sharing each and other ideas together to do a thing. It may not be fighting for the suggestion / decision but each and other may will happy with different kind of suggestion / decision given even a little tiny thing.. HAHAHAHA!!!

I'm planning to celebrate my Halloween next year since I couldn't make it this year. I shall go to a delicious for foods and beverages for Halloween eve, so I can thought it would be good to round out the discussion with my bestie.. When it comes to meal planning, there are lots of sumptuous, savory dishes that taste amazing to me and, with some creativity activity that I never do before. But still, I don't know what I haven't done before.. In fact, I can know from other bloggers where they had been this year for celebrating their Halloween. I'm glad if found out any of you will be posting Halloween post after the day you spent. Or maybe you can inform me by commenting below my post or tweet me your blog url so I can know more from you. (but i guess no one will be doing that for me because i had no comment from others before except anonymous or tweeted in through twitter ={ ) Do love if someone did 

I guess, I should stop crapping here.. I never knew I had typed so much words today.. The words can describes how I wish to go to celebrate my Halloween day but unfortunately, I couldn't been anywhere today.

Before I end my post, I wish someone of you here will blog about these questions below and I'm here to answer the question with my own opinion now..

1. Write about your favourite scary movies and their awesome outfits. 
Personally, I scare watching ghost movies!! and about Halloween outfits, I prefer how Cheeserland dressed up for Halloween.. Simple yet pretty girl =]

2. Haunted houses always have amazing so do you haunt any house before?
Not for once!!

3. Take a picture of your outfit 
It’s a fun if I got chance =[

4. Halloween is a holiday synonymous with creative parties. Agree? WHY?
Yes but I have no chance to celebrate it this year =[

(i have no idea about the question+ing)

So, Happy haunting my pretties and my handsomes!
Hope to see comments from you =]


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