Friday, October 26, 2012@11:27 PM
The last hair colour I had before the day I had dye my hair.. Nothing special I ever dye my hair colour. It just a normal brown with a little green when I'm under the sunlight but possibly you won't be seeing any green ash on my hair.. Hardly to see so it only a normal brown for you.  Haha. So today I had dye my hair a lil brighter! Thanks to Honey Goh who make my hair up everytime whenever I find her.. She gave me lots of details before dye my hair.. Telling me the colour and how it would turns out. I do not know what's the colour code is because she's the one who helping me to choose it.. So i named it as a GOLD!

This is the photo before I dye my hair.. 

Then next i had done choosing colour for my hair while my hairstylist told me about the details.. I keep thinking and thinking but finally choose the colour that she said..

I ❤  IT!!
Located at Midland, One Stop, ground floor beside the nail world shop
Handphone number: 012-5145622
Hairstylist name : Honey Goh
*Tell her my name so you will get 5% discount =]

Washing my hair + colouring up my hair+ waiting~~! 

#flashlighton! You are one of my favourite hair colour now!!
(don't see my ugly face.. scroll down for more picture lah  ^^)

I think this hair colour would be fun and appreciate for my halloween the day going to clubbing with my friends on next wednesday! *ithinkso!
(i do not know why this picture comes out so special from my Canon G12) 

I like bright colour so my face will look a lil brighter or maybe whiter because my face is black like shit.. ENVY FOR THOSE WHO HAVE FAIR SKIN =[

This is indeed my favourite colour. I hope the colour stayed last forever and ever and it won't fade!!! So, I don't have to re-dye my hair again and again but I know it is impossible because I had born and become an Asia Girl for 18 years so my actual hair is black in colour so ... (DON'T THINK SO MUCH, MARY!! =DDD)! =D

So, I expect my hair to be more and more brighter from now on after washing my hair after the day. Haha. But it won't be the whole head i guess!!! It'd just be a bit of pattern here and there because my hair not same colour from the top to the bottom.. LOL!!

Located at Midland, One Stop, ground floor beside the nail world shop
Handphone number: 012-5145622
Hairstylist name : Honey Goh

Before I end, have you noticed that my pictures colour and the quality of the pictures looks so different? Because I use different cameras =[ I regretting to take my old old digital camera at that moment because it looks lonely with a sad face shown from the camera. (lol! i'm the one who think it!! haha) Now, I am regret not bringing my other camera go... Makes my pictures looks so ... from the start! Sorry for the bad quality photos..

Hope my readers will enjoy..
That's all for today..

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