Saturday, October 20, 2012@4:33 PM
OMGGG!!! I am shock when I turned on my blog and I found out my followers had dropped!! Why you all unfollowed me? Pretty sad when I found out my amount of follower getting lesser.

Ish! What I have done to you ALL (cry like a baby now)

I love to blog and I love people enjoying reading my blog but being a blogger isn't as easy as you think.. I do get stressed sometimes.. Do you know why I can stress as a blogger identity? I have to accept all the facts of all unfriendly comments, sometimes followers might decreased without knowing.. Seriously, it's really hurt my heart, you know? I know, I am not a popular blogger and you don't like to read what I'm crapping here but why you all giving me hope when u followed my blog, YOU KNOWWW..?  Giving people hope isn't good you know? I don't know what I have done but then I know I let people to unfollow me ba =[ .. They are going far away from me..

Pretty sad, guys..

Sometimes you all commenting a mean sentence. It make my heart fully hurt!! For example, you look so ugly. Please keep all your pictures from here. Come on guys.. Seriously, why you treat me in this way ? I don't even get it..

Do you know the word that you write, it's hurting my feeling? How do you feel if you were me and accepting all this kinds of words from unknown? I can act like I don't receive this kind of comment by erasing out from my post or maybe i spam/report it. But why are you unfollowed me since you had followed me for several months/years?

Mind to tell me what should I do so I can change my readers mind and get less people comment something which is negative for me?

Blogging is like my hobbies.. I blog about my daily life. I know, I cannot force you to follow me but once you had followed me, why you want to unfollowed me?

By the way, saying that I have a poor English. I mind agree what you all say but I don't need to write my blog with full of extremely deep vocabulary English like a star paper do.. I'm not a star paper or even not a reporter or something. I know, you all are so kind to improve my English but improving my English isn't easy at all.. Need time to improve one by one because I'm not a robot! No one is perfect. Please respect me as a girl who had born in this world..

Come on, peeps! I need to lend your hands to support me and correct my English in polite way.. May god bless you always..

I wish, all of you here could support me but please don't be so mean to me. It is really hurts when I see my amount followers getting lesser and those comments are so mean..

I hope I don't have to receive this negative situations again.. Love you to my fellow readers who had still followed me and reding my blog everyday :D

In addition, thanks to my friend who supporting me by saying sweet words.. I laugh non-stop while I'm reading it..
OKAY, I am singing Digi's song now!! "I will follow u...~~~! Follow you where ever where you may go!!"

I used to sing this song when I'm young!! Seriously, I am singing this song when I am young.. I do not know why.. I sing alone in my room with a loud music + microphone!! Crazy right? Let's sing with me now.. I will follow yo... 

Last but not least, support the page of mine.. There are plenty of stuff you will want to get it. Quickly come and get the goods from there..
Hope to see you there

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